5 Specialities To Consider For Aspiring Tradies

In today’s world, there are a number of simple and specific trade occupations that include numerous branches and sub-branches in between. Although this diversifies the field, it also makes it more difficult for incoming tradies to narrow down their selection when choosing a future career. If you’re an aspiring tradie, read up on the below occupations to find out how you can further your job prospects.


1. Pipe Work

The plumbing industry offers high employment rates for incoming tradespeople, and training in a speciality occupation such as this can provide career opportunities in residential or commercial plumbing. It can also include the installation of water supply systems, drainage systems, or even fuel supply systems. You could also successfully step into self-employment, or become part of a quality a team who specialise in repairing and installing pipes at a company like Nuflow Technologies.

2. Masonry

Stone masonry is another specialty trade, and is a highly detailed job that not everyone has the skills to take on. A true craft, masonry involves taking rough pieces of rock, stone or bricks and shaping them into geometric or custom-designed shapes. Work in this industry is readily available and could involve anything from making residential feature walls to constructing whole buildings. A job in stone masonry would complement your current skills if you’re a bricklayer or similar.

3. Cabinetmaking

Cabinetmaking is more than just your basic carpentry work; it’s a specialist branch of the construction world that requires finishing perfection. If this sounds like you, then career prospects in this demanding field include high end kitchen installation, café and shop fitouts. It even has the potential to expand your horizons into the media industry, with potential jobs in film and television set construction.

4. Landscaping

If you love the outdoors and have always had a green thumb, then landscaping could be the perfect fit. For this, there are job prospects in commercial or residential spaces, as well as town planning or at golf clubs. It could also offer increased career prospects for those with training is in another field, such as carpentry or bricklaying. Not many people know how to design and construct their outdoor spaces, so adding landscaping to your skillset could increase your versatility and employment potential.

5. Glazier

If you’re a tradie after a skill-set that can be adapted to a number of occupations, consider getting formal training as a glazier. Responsible for all glass fittings from windows and doors to balcony balustrades and furniture, work as a glazier requires steady hands and a lot of focus. It can also be the ideal career for someone with expensive in plastering or painting, as walls are already your specialty.

By choosing to specialise in a trade such as the ones above, you are choosing to work in fields that aim to offer specific, quality services to their clientele—and this is the best way to make sure you are never out of work.

What trades sound most interesting to you and why? Leave your answers below.