ShiftPixy discusses the positives of night time working

ShiftPixy who offer a fully interactive shift working application, believe that night shifts get a lot of bad press but it isn’t always as bad as people make out. Many Americans enjoy working the night shift and these are some of the reasons why.

Nightshifts save lives these include many medical professionals, and firefighters. Night shift workers such as air stewards allow us to travel especially long haul and even workers in call centers allow us to be able to speak to a representative when it is convenient for us to do so.

Positives of night shift can include a much smarter and hassle-free commute when the roads are not as busy as they are in peak times around 8am and five pm. This can help you focus and relax rather than arrive at work stressed out as it has taken you too long to commute due to an accident and now you need to explain to your boss why you are late.

If you are a night shift worker, it is likely that you play a very important role in your company. If you and a few others are the only ones around then you are valued and important, if you couple this with the fact that a lot less supervisors and managers work at night then you become more important still. This also gives you the opportunity to handle important situations and you can then report back to your supervisor that you have done this.

As stated, less managers work night shift therefore you are left more to your own devices to be allowed to get on with your work without being micromanaged.

Night shift usually comes with a financial incentive. This is to encourage enough people to work them. Lots of people can find it difficult to work the nightshift but also their families may believe that it disturbs family life as their partner can not partake in things with the children.

Some people can not get away with the night shift as they are unable to sleep and miss out socially. Others can retrain their body clock to fit in with their new working pattern quite well. This is essential if you are going to be an effective candidate for night shift. The usual requirements of eating and drinking healthily and drinking water will facilitate this. It is usually possible to have little chats with your colleagues whilst working the nightshift and this is probably valuable to all of your mental health. Even the darkness outside makes us feel differently at night time compared to the day time.

The initial switch from the 9-5 to a night time role can be tricky. It could take time to adjust so make sure you don’t have very many other commitments for the first month or so of night time working and make sure that your family are aware and very supportive of you. Once you are in the swing you will feel like you have never worked anything else.