Steven Scott Google and why is it the biggest business on earth and is it taking over?  

Steven Scott Google admirer asks why is it so popular?  

It doesn’t make us rich or help us look amazing so why is google the biggest business of the 21st century 

Googles’ worth has finally superseded that of Apple through its parent company Alphabet, now standing as the most valuable company in the world worth over five hundred billion dollars.

They weren’t the first search engine but what its owners and founders realized very quickly in the early nineties was that the material held on the internet was held in a chaotic and unsearchable manner. They knew that the phenomenon of the internet was here to stay, and they could only see this issue getting worse and worse. Their first idea was to rank searches by their popularity. This has been the key to and continues to be the reason for their success.  

Sergey Brin and Larry Page founded the company in 1998 with a slightly different name by lending money, believed to be one million dollars, from friends and family.

The two, who are obviously very forward thinkers, wanted to create an attitude of growth in their business premises. They introduced blue sky thinking which allowed, some of the best brains in the business, who worked for them, time to sit and reflect. The employees did not abuse this time but actually came up with some great ideas, many of which were implemented and include Google News.

They now own many other companies under their parent company Alphabet; they chose the name as they just wanted it to be ordinary and something that everyone could relate to.

Some people believe that Google is too big and has some politicians under its spell. The Google mantra that is known worldwide is “don’t be evil”. Although the motto  has been mocked, I think it was genuine from these guys. It has stopped them and their employees from  abusing their position, as if they had things could be much worse for other internet service providers. The general public are in no way harmed by anything that Google does or doesn’t do and in fact Google makes their everyday lives much easier.

 There is never any time to rest on your laurels though and Google know this they are looking at all new and bright opportunities all of the time as they know to stand still would equal disaster. Another search engine could come along, or an existing one could have a revamp and it would only need one added extra for the majority of us and definitely the young to up and leave and switch our allegiance. Thus, is the way of the modern world. All it would take is to see one area that could be improved and that would be enough.  

However, as Google is doing so much now to try and ensure they will have something for the future, it is likely that they will still be a player in some capacity. Not all of their new ideas have to take off but even one would secure them a future as a search engine provider, even if not the one of choice as they are now.