Don’t Become Too Social on the Internet

How often are you scouring the Internet, especially when it comes to social media?

If you are like millions of other individuals, the answer to that question is often.

For many, social media has become the go-to source when it comes to learning a myriad of information.

As an example, do you spend a lot of time on Twitter or Facebook daily?

If so, there’s a good chance you are getting some or all your local and global news from there.

A media outlet or fellow social networker posts a link to a story. From there, you click on the link and read about the subject matter. Before you know it, you are relying on this type of process to get a fair amount of your news.

Even though social media can be a great source for information and making contacts, there is a dark side to it too.

So, how will you go about not becoming too social on the Internet?

Avoid Opening Yourself up to Trouble

Even with benefits of being social, there are some landmines you definitely want to avoid.

That said being a safe social media user doesn’t mean one needs having to hold a Master’s Degree.

Among some of the tips you should keep in mind:

1. Your private information

Always be very careful in giving out any private information.

Don’t be the one on social media who provides where they work, bank, and where their children attend school. Although most people seeing those details are not likely to do anything evil with them, can you ever be too safe?

Also be careful about giving out your Facebook or Twitter handle/s when you sign-up for something.

For example, you are at an event and you decide to sign-up for a giveaway. In doing so, you have to provide a social media contact. Once given, someone you’ve never met has your Twitter or Facebook. Although it could prove harmless, do you know that for a fact?

Last, in the event you want to share something personal on social media, make sure to do it in private. By doing so with an instant message, you are less likely to run into trouble.

That said doing an IM means you follow that individual and vice-versa. It would only make sense that you would not share personal details with someone you did not trust.

2. Being away from home

You’ve likely read about cyber-criminals getting their hands on one’s personal info.

When one posts photos and info about being away from home, it is like giving a criminal a key to your front door.

An example of this would be you are going on a trip. Instead of waiting until you return home to post photos and more, you do so while actually on the trip. In doing so, you tip off people with criminal intentions about your whereabouts.

Always fall on the side of safety and make sure you don’t give a criminal all he or she needs to ruin your vacation.

By being a smart-thinking social media user, you reduce the risk of becoming the next victim.