The Tasty Aspects of Food Delivery

Many mothers know how draining even one day of the week can be, let alone seven days.

From working to taking care of one or several children regularly, the gauntlet run can seem overwhelming at times. Throw in the fact that many of these same moms do this as single parents; things can seem downright difficult at times.


With that in mind, what can you do as a mom (single or with a spouse) to make your home life and life in general a little bit easier?

Review Your Schedule and Set Goals

In order to make life around the home and workplace for that matter not quite as hectic look at:

  1. Routine – What has your daily routine been like just over the past year? Do you have a set schedule you try and work by or have you in essence been “winging it” for the most part? In some situations, moms might look to ask their child or children (if they are old enough) or their significant others to help out with more of the work around the home (see more below). In these instances, talk with your young one or young ones and your spouse or partner to see where they can pitch in more around the home;
  2. Priorities – Are you setting priorities on a weekly basis? If you try and do too much at once, it can seem downright overwhelming at times. Prioritize what needs to be done (especially if you are balancing a job or jobs with your work around the home raising a child or children). Some tasks can be put off for the time being, while others should demand your immediate attention or be handled sooner rather than later;
  3. Necessities – Everyone (yourself included) needs to maintain their health (eating, proper exercise, regular health check-ups etc.), so don’t put these necessary items lower on your list. If you’re having problems getting meals made for you and/or your family, look to outsource this requirement a little bit more. No, that doesn’t mean trips to McDonald’s or the local taco shop nights a week. You can try different services that have meals delivered to your door, allowing you to take a break from cooking and/or running out for food and supplies all the time. By doing so, you take some pressure off of you being the head cook, while at the same time getting you and your family some healthy alternatives;
  4. Assistance – No one mom should ever feel like she has to do it all herself, so don’t become that woman. If your child or children are old enough, sit down with them (as many times as necessary) and explain to them why they need to help you with work around the home. No, you don’t need to have them working morning, noon and night, but they should care their share of the load at home. It is not uncommon for a parent or parents to give a child an allowance for helping out with chores at home such as taking the garbage out, cleaning up around the kitchen, making sure their bedrooms are not a disaster area, running errands (if they are of the right age) etc. If you have a spouse or partner at home, sit down and devise a schedule/plan whereby your child or children can help with tasks around the house. Not only will this take some of the burden off of you, but it also helps the younger ones become more responsible and grow into hard-working young adults before you know it;
  5. You – Last but certainly not least, make sure you give yourself some “me” time before running yourself into the ground with so many tasks at hand. If you’re raising one or more children on your own, look to family or friends to give you a break from time to time. If you’re married or living with someone, make sure they know you need some time to yourself, thereby letting you get out or just stay at home and relax. For those working moms outside of the home, ask your boss if it is possible to occasionally work from home, saving you on the drive to the office and dealing with all the hectic stuff that can occur daily at the workplace.

While you undoubtedly love your children and your significant other (for those married or with partners), you also hopefully know that you can’t do it all yourself 24/7/365.

From healthy lifestyles to being the best mom around, review your current life and see where you can deliver better results for you and your children.