5 Reasons why women to undergo Breast Augmentation

There are plenty of reasons why women choose to undertake breast augmentation. There is know one size fits all solution here. Breast Augmentation is the most popular surgery in the United States with over 300,000 women undergoing the surgery each year. It is not just women looking for implants to increase the size of their breasts but also to reduce them too. Such an a feminine part of the body is considered very important by women, so let’s take a look at the top reasons why women undergo breast augmentation NYC.

breast augmentation

They want to boost their self-esteem

Probably the most common reason for women to undergo breast augmentation surgery is too boost a women’s confidence. Understandably women who care about their appearance may not be entirely comfortable with parts of their body which may affect their esteem. Since surgery prices are dropping for breast surgery and breast augmentation surgery its has becomes much more common and accepted, those who lack self-esteem have the option to make changes. Whether they think their breasts are the wrong size or shape women are opting in large numbers to change their appearance in an attempt to make them feel better about their bodies.

They want to look younger

Breasts with age tend to get smaller, change shape and begin to sag. This can be linked to the first reason, since women can often lose their self esteem as their appearance changes with age. A breast lift can return the breasts to the position they were before while surgery can increase the size to what they were before.

Women who have just had children often have this issue since having children can take a toll on the body. It is common for women who have had children to get get breast augmentation to return their breasts to what they looked like before they had children.

They want to improve their sex lives

There is no doubt that men have an infatuation with breasts. Married women, women in relationships and even single women often turn to breast augmentation to either spice up their sex life, restore attraction in partners or become more sexually desirable. There is evidence to suggest that breast augmentation can boost the women’s confidence in sex if post surgery she feels better about her body and how attractive she is.

Disproportionately Small Breasts

Some women are born with breasts that are disproportionate to the rest of their body. The medical issue known as ‘micromastia’ stunts the growth of breasts after puberty which can leave women with very small breasts. For women this can be a personal embarrassment. Many women opt to increase the size of their breasts to what they consider a normal feminine size so is easy to fit their body into their style of clothes.

Breast Cancer

Women who suffer from breast cancer often have Mastectomy’s to remove their breast tissue and lymph nodes. This can cure the cancer but can often leave women unhappy with their appearances. Many women opt for surgery in this case to help their regain their healthy and fuller figure that they had pre-surgery.