The Top 3 Reasons Luxury Cars Are Better Than Mainstream

When it comes to purchasing a vehicle, there are some obvious distinctions among categories. For example, factors like size, power, and speed all differentiate models from one another but this is not the main variation. A more obvious one is whether a car comes from the family of economy, performance, or luxury cars. 

According to this definition, luxury cars are those vehicles that have more than just the necessary features. But that’s a pretty boring summary of what makes luxury cars special, so with that in mind, here are the top three reasons why luxury cars best the mainstream models in every comparison.

First, the entertainment systems in these cars are better than anywhere else. These go by the contemporary term “infotainment”, which includes everything from the latest-technology navigation system to communication and audio support. What can be found in luxury cars, yet not in most other vehicles, are things like rear-seat DVD systems with HD picture, premium audio support, hard-drive music register, roadside call assistance, voice recognition, and smartphone integration. These are just some of the examples, and the list goes on – that’s no even mentioning any of the other interior beauties, such as seat heaters, etc. When you imagine yourself in a luxury car you can absolutely guarantee that you’ll have fun driving.

Next, safety is a crucial distinction. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is an independent agency that tests vehicle for their safety features and many of their highest scores have gone to luxury cars. This includes proven, fast-response airbags, motion sensors, auto brakes, and the ability to maintain a safe survival space in the cabin. Things like backup cameras and powerful seatbelts are very mainstream tools that can be found in basically any car on the market, whichis why it’s important to note that the aforementioned safety features aren’t common, and that only top-of-the-class vehicles have them. 

Lastly, what will always set apart a luxury car from an entire parking lot of average vehicles is the exterior. The design of these vehicles is probably the most obvious difference. Everything from the fine craftsmanship that goes into the body/frame of the car to the extravagant shapes of the lights must be taken into account. Manufacturers of these models pay extra attention that every curve makes sense both functionality-wise and appeal-wise. This means that the car will have to maintain its aerodynamic features while demonstrating the modern look that is currently wanted in the market.

Although there are a lot of other things to be considered, as well as many more ideas within each of the three factors, these can be classified as the broad differences a luxury-car owner can enjoy. Luxury cars are, on the whole, more entertaining, more safe and more attractive. After all, there is a reason why there are over 15 million of these cars in the United States (and many here in Canada as well!), and why you should try to imagine yourself in a luxury car.