What You Can do to Have the Perfect Smile

There’s just something about teeth that makes many of us shudder, especially when we have problems, dental problems can be two-fold, either they cause you pain and you need to go to the dentist to have a problem resolved, or you simply aren’t happy with the shape of them. Thanks to a lot of advancements in the dental world, there is a lot you can do to fix crooked or broken teeth or even alter the shape of your teeth if you are unhappy. Not being able to smile confidently is not a pleasant thing, I used to have crooked teeth and so I went to see Peter Spennato DDS, my local cosmetic dentist and I had some veneers placed on my front teeth, I can’t tell you the difference that it has made, not just for my teeth but for my confidence in general, no longer will I stand at the back for group photos or smile with my mouth closed, it feels amazing. You too can have a perfect smile and here is how to get it.


Look After Them

The truth is that most of us are born with good teeth that look great, many of us however don’t care for them and that is how we end up with smiles that we aren’t happy about. It sounds simple but if you follow the rules of dental hygiene, regular brushing, avoidance of harmful activities such as smoking, then you will have teeth you will be proud of.


You will be able to tell at an early age whether you teeth are crooked or not and many youngsters have braces fitted to align their teeth. Fitting braces at a young age is the best time to do it as your teeth are still supple and growing but adults can get braces fitted too. If you have concerns about the appearance of braces then just think of how they will look when they’re finished, if you really don’t want to be seen with metal in your mouth then you could opt for Invisalign, a see through gum shield that is custom made for your mouth, it works the same as braces and leaves great results.

Cosmetic Surgery

As a final resort you could opt for cosmetic surgery like me, the results of cosmetic surgery are perfect although it does come at a cost, both financially and physically. Veneers are the most popular option when people are looking to have surgery but it’s worth noting that the process is irreversible, your teeth are shaved down to accommodate your new veneers and if they should ever break or chip then you will need to pay to have them replaced, you won’t be able to go back to your old teeth. There are other cosmetic options such as caps which can improve the appearance of your teeth but these are often very temporary and can give you problems when eating tough foods.