Some Practical Considerations to Remember when Purchasing a Whirlpool Bath

When it comes to bathing, whirlpool or Jacuzzi baths are, beyond doubt, one of the most luxurious and enjoyable among the hot baths and tubs – their water or air jets give you that extra relaxed feeling, massaging the soreness and stress out of your body and helping you feel rejuvenated and good as new when you’re done.

But whilst the whirlpool bath is undoubtedly a wonderful addition to your bathroom, there are some practical considerations to make before purchasing this type of bath, though. Here is a quick rundown of what you should think about:

Decide on a location in the bathroom

The size of your bathroom will present you with limitations regarding size; it is always advisable to measure the dimensions of your bathroom and draw a floor plan to scale so you can experiment with location and see where the bath can be installed in a practical way. Don’t forget to consider the location of the plumbing and drainage as well as possible electrical wiring and windows, shelves, or cupboards.

Choose the right size

There’s no better way to decide which size fits your family best than to have the largest or tallest member of your family physically try it out. Have him or her hop into the bath and see if the bath feels comfortable. Is it high enough? Is it too shallow or too deep? Can they and you comfortably stretch your legs and lean back?

Consider the shape

This is mostly a personal choice – and there is a wide range of shapes and styles to choose from. Consider not only the shape of the bath alone, however – see how it blends in with the established décor and style of your bathroom. It makes sense to select a bath that blends with your bathroom’s existing style rather than to redecorate your room around the bath.

Think about the material

Most whirlpool baths are manufactured out of acrylic simply because of its many advantages. Acrylic is an insulator, which means the water stays warm longer. Furthermore, it is very durable, easy to clean, and warm to the touch. However, some manufacturers may use fibreglass and reinforce it with acrylic, which means lesser quality. There are also other materials out there, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Check the materials available very carefully.

Select your extra features

You enjoy the whirlpool because of it allows you to relax, and you can maximise these benefits by adding features that heighten that experience. Whirlpool or Jacuzzi baths can offer water and air massage systems, thermostatic temperature control, underwater lighting, automatic cleaning, and many other perks. Don’t only consider the features themselves, though – think about the maintenance of the bath (very important) as well.

Baths – especially whirlpool baths – should be considered an investment, so the right type of Jacuzzi bath should only be chosen after careful consideration. When in doubt, it doesn’t hurt seek the advice of professionals and dealers as well.