Three tips for a dazzling morning routine

Getting yourself ready in the morning can be an absolute nightmare, can’t it? Just picture the scene – Bleurgh, the alarm clock blares at six in the morning, and you’re woken with the type of grog that hits the best of us at the crack of dawn.

Shuffling zombie-like to the bathroom, you stare in the mirror and, Bleurgh, you can’t believe the work you’ve got ahead of you – hair straightening, makeup applying, washing, brushing; and you’ve only got an hour to do it all before rushing off to work!

The morning ritual is little more than a pain when all you want to do is snooze for 15 more minutes. That’s why we’ve put together a few tips to make your wakeup call a little later.


Neutralise those bothersome follicles

The real issue with sorting yourself out in the morning is that irritating process of eliminating stray hairs and scraggly ends over your skin. Whether your favoured weapon of choice is a pair of tweezers or scissors, there’s no denying the hassle that foraging for follicles creates.

Here’s the solution, and it’s a permanent fix.

With one quick visit to an aesthetic clinic, you can banish those hairs for good with laser hair removal. While it’s a more expensive fix than your befuddled tweezers, it’s also a solution that will last a lifetime, painlessly burning follicles right at the tip.

This probably stands as one of the most ideal timesavers, cutting out any hassle for good.

Stay hydrated

It might not occur to you, but the things you do during the day will directly affect how you sleep and, in turn, how you wake up in the morning. Doing a ton of exercise in the daylight hours, for instance, will leave you feeling tired before bedtime.

But your main priority to get a good night sleep is to ensure that you get your standard eight glasses of water a day. Staying hydrated keeps your body in check unlike little else, thereby creating a life balance that will lull you to sleep when the time is right.

Find a natural look

While it might seem like you need a face full of makeup to start the day, your self-esteem and your morning routine can be improved by stripping some of those cosmetics away and opting for a more natural look.

With less makeup, you’ll also look healthier as the pores on your skin will be able to breathe. So many women insist on wearing foundation at all times, creating blotchy and suffocated skin that deteriorates quicker the more makeup you wear.

So, cut down on those cosmetics and you’ll have healthier skin and a shorter morning routine.