Beat the clock: how to make your fashion sense timeless

You’ve all seen those mad fashion shows that happen approximately 435 times a year. London, Paris, Milan – all of them bristling with style. That is, until next year’s trends begin.

If you’re an average Joe or Joletta, trying to jump on the back of these trends can seem like grabbing onto the back of a speeding Ferrari. While you might be able to hold on for a little while, you’ll really only end up looking a bit foolish and well-worn by the end of your journey.

Indeed, your best bet is to ignore the latest bandage hat, wigwam dress, formaldehyde underwear or whatever other styles they’ll be sporting on the catwalks this summer. Instead, find yourself some timeless looks that will never go out of fashion.

In fact, you wouldn’t go wrong trying out some of these.

A natural makeup

You must have seen those people on the streets with more foundation and eyeliner than sense. There they walk, needing industrial paint scrapers to remove their makeup every evening and blundering with false eyelashes so long that they prod innocent bystanders.

It’s not exactly healthy for your skin, is it? The solution is to find a natural look from foundations, such as Sheer Cover, that won’t “cake you” in makeup. Combine this with minimal eyeliner and lipstick, and you’ll be able to look good without damaging your skin.

Understated and classy

When you think of the term “glamour”, you probably don’t consider celebs with an ostentatious fashion sense. No, you think of understated elegance from the likes of Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe.

Where they succeeded was in creating a striking glamour within simple shades that were never garish. All-black dresses, a subtle hint of makeup, nothing showy – theirs was a time when elegance meant looking great effortlessly.

It’s a timeless sense of style for a reason. The world of fashion might move like a bullet train, but the look of Hepburn and Monroe are frozen in time, and still look as good as ever. So take a leaf out of their book.

Give it the DIY touch

Have you ever wondered how the most madcap designs gain a sense of respect? It’s mainly because their style screams the personality of the designer, like every sample of fabric was forged by their hand alone.

Again, you can follow suit. While you might not have the craft skills to create a dress, don’t be afraid to alter clothes and put them in step with your personality. After all, who wants to look like everyone else?