5 Different Types of Gift Baskets Your High Profile Clients Will Love

Gift Baskets

If you have several VIP clients, you may be thinking of different ways you can show them some appreciation. Fruit baskets aren’t the only type of basket that your client will love. Offering special gifts to your clients is a nice way to allow your business to be more outgoing, and demonstrate how you care about their business.

There are several reasons you should consider sending a client a gift basket:

  • You’re celebrating a milestone, such as an anniversary of working together
  • They just made a major purchase, like a house or car
  • The client just signed a long-term contract
  • Your client just sent you over a referral that converted
  • They’ve left a great review that could potentially bring in additional revenue
  • It’s a holiday and you want to show your appreciation

In your gift baskets, be sure to include some type of marketing material, like a card with your business card, a branded pen, etc. If they haven’t left a review of your business yet, give them a gentle nudge in that direction with a postscript reminder in your card. With those things in mind, here are a few different gift baskets your clients will love:

Candle Gift Baskets

Ahhh, the gift of candles. There are several reasons why candles can make for a great gift for high profile clients. For starters, the scents of certain candles aren’t just pleasing to inhale: they’re actually healthy for you. There are several smells that have been linked with improving productivity and relieving stress. For example, lavender has several calming properties that can help control your nerves.

Other peaceful scents include jasmine, lemon, rosemary, and peppermint. You can even take a step further by including unique and fun candles into the basket. For example, Jewel Candles not only come in a variety of scents, but have special gifts waiting at the bottom when the candle has melted. You can browse through options here: https://jewelcandle.com.

Cheese & Meats Gift Baskets

There’s nothing quite like the gift of food. Different types of cheeses and meats are a great way to show your client that you care about offering them a gift that they’ll enjoy and can share with their friends or family. For example, this Hickory Farms Summer Sausage & Cheese Gift box comes with smoked cheddar blend cheese, farmhouse cheddar, a gouda blend, sweet hot mustard, honey pineapple mustard, and several others. Before you send off this type of gift basket, be sure that your client isn’t a vegetarian or lactose intolerant.  

Spa Gift Baskets

Give the gift of a spa-like experience. A bath and body gift basket can invigorate and revive anyone. You can choose to purchase a pre-made gift basket, or curate your own. The idea is to include products that make it easy for the client to relax and take care of themselves. Items you might find in this type of gift basket include lotions, bath bombs, soaps, bath salts, foot creams, sponges, and essential oils.

Gluten Free Snack Basket

If you have a client who is gluten-free, a gluten free gift basket is a great and very thoughtful gift. Your client will appreciate the fact that went out of your way to offer them a gift basket that was especially tailored for them—especially because gluten-free individuals have to go the extra mile to ensure their dietary habits consistently fall in line with their restrictions. There are several pre-made gluten gift baskets you can find online, but of course, you can always make your own. Head to your local health food store and grab a handful of gluten free items. Be sure to do your research online to find the best gluten free snack products, too.

Wine Basket

While this type of basket might err on the more pricey side, it’s a great way to show your appreciation for a high-profile client. You can also choose to step it up a notch with a themed gift basket. For example, if you just sold a luxury home to a couple in California, why not send a gift basket with a curated selection of Napa Valley wines? Or, you can create an “Around the World” wine gift basket, putting together several brands of wine from different regions. If you’d like, throw in some non-perishable hard cheeses and gourmet crackers that pair finely with the wines you’ve chosen.