Three Ways to Jump Start Your Fat Loss Journey

With almost 40 percent of all adults technically considered obese in most first world countries, there should be more of a cry of outrage coming from the population. Remember that this does not even take into account the people that are merely considered overweight. These adults are fat and not just by a few pounds. The public has taken a strong stance on smoking in the last couple of decades. The same must be done for obesity. If you or someone you care about would like to get healthier and lose a few pounds, here are three ways to jump start your fat loss adventure.

Eat Smaller Portions

If you enjoy eating out, you know that the restaurants give you enough food on your plate for two to three meals. There is no reason you have to eat all of that in one sitting. Sometimes the toughest part of getting fit is knowing how to eat the correct portions. If you want to make it real simple, carry around a small plate with you. You are only allowed to eat whatever you can fit on this plate for each meal. It may take some getting used to, but eventually your stomach will shrink and you won’t be left starving after every meal.

HIIT Cardio

Some people mistakenly believe they have to run on the treadmill for a half an hour to an hour every workout to burn the fat away. This is a total myth. In fact, when you are performing long endurance cardio, you are burning muscle right along with fat. Muscle is tough to come by, so you should instead be performing HIIT cardio (high-intensity interval training). This means that you would be pedaling on your bike as fast as you can for 45 seconds and then take a two-minute cooldown. Do this for a set of six or seven times and you will burn more fat and the muscle will be left alone on your body.

Use Technology

We live in the day of amazing technology and incredible medical devices, so you might as well take advantage of it. What if I told you that you could freeze the fat right off of your body? It’s true! If you would like to attack fat on all levels, sign up for a treatment that freezes fat cells with a Coolsculpting in Montreal. The number of fat cells you have will start to decrease and you should be able to see results rather quickly.