EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac Review

Apple is by far one of the biggest tech companies in the world, it has a large customer base owning iPhones, iPods, MacBook’s, and Macs too. In a world where electronic devices have now become a near necessity, they house all our important data and files. Therefore it is important that these devices and the data that is stored in them be kept safe and secure, so that we may be able to access it whenever we need it.

However, with electronic devices such as Apple notebooks it is easy to make mistakes and misplace or delete important data that is useful and relevant to us – like perhaps losing an unfinished project from you MacBook due to a sudden system crash.

If you ever come across a situation like this in your life again you need not to worry! EaseUS data recovery wizard for Mac can help you recover lost data so that you might not have been able to otherwise replace. A lot of data recovery software is not compatible with Apple products which is why EaseUS is the perfect solution for those that own electronic devices from Apple since it is completely compatible with MacOS.

What’s great about this software is that unlike other data recovery wizards, it offers a free version. This allows you to test out the software and decide whether or not you want to permanently invest and install it onto your MacBook or iMac. In this free version, you can recover lost data of all kinds of formats, it also supports external devices including but not limited to hard drives and SD cards.

Once it is downloaded and installed you must launch it in order to start the recovery process. The software simply requires you to locate where the data was previously stored and lost from and then scans the system for all recoverable data, you can then proceed to select the data you wish to recover and download back into your Mac. However, the free version of the EaseUS Mac data recovery software only allows you to recover files within a 2GB limit, If you like the software and chose to use it for further recovery, you must download the paid version that offers unlimited downloads and free lifetime technical support which means that you will have professional help if something were to ever go wrong.

Therefore, a data recovery software that is compatible with MacOS is extremely important in this day and age for anybody that owns products from Apple and EaseUS is by far one of the best and most convenient software for the job. Whether you opt for the free version or chose to pay for the subscription; it is a handy tool to have installed onto your laptop in case you lose important data since the sooner you try to recover your data, the greater chance there is of you actually getting it back. Now get the software at 50% off to celebrate the company’s 15th anniversary. If you need the Windows version ,here is the 50% off for you too.