4 Reasons To Add Plants To Your Decor

Whether it’s your office at work or your kitchen at home, sometimes a room is just lacking something. Often, that empty feeling can be filled with the help of a houseplant. There are numerous benefits to keeping plants in your space, so even if you’re a bit reluctant, you should definitely consider adding some greenery to your life.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Over time, musty or chemical smells in the home can become unpleasant and even lead to a number of physical symptoms, including a stuffy nose or coughing. In fact, experts estimate that being exposed to large amounts of indoor air pollution increases your risk of stroke by 34 percent, your risk of heart disease by 26 percent, and your risk of COPD by 22 percent.

One way to help improve indoor air quality is by setting up a few plants. Plants have the natural ability to absorb allergens and other harmful toxins in the air, releasing clean oxygen in the process. Research has proven the value of plants time after time. In particular, look into getting spider plants, chrysanthemums, or Chinese evergreens for the most noticeable results.

Boost Your Health

Studies have shown that having a plant around a sick person in a hospital helps them recover much faster by lowering their blood pressure and reducing pain. One reason for this is transpiration. This process is when a plant absorbs water from the ground (or its pot) and releases it into the air.

By keeping the environment at an appropriate humidity, plants can help you reduce the chance of a sore throat, dry skin, and coughing. Not only that, but the physical act of caring for the plant has also been found to improve a person’s recovery time after an illness.

Invigorate Your Mind

In today’s world, it is often hard to focus on the task at hand. Plants, however, have a proven ability to help you stay in a working mindset and get the job done. Having a plant around helps improve memory retention by 20 percent, increases creativity by 45 percent, and even increases productivity by 38 percent. Whether you work from home or in an office all day, your accuracy and quality will improve with some greenery at your side.

Provide Fresh Ingredients

Plants don’t have to be used just to keep the air clean and improve your health. You can also use them in the kitchen to spice up your next meal. Growing fresh herbs such as basil, parsley, chives, sage, rosemary, or thyme is a great way to always have fresh servings of these ingredients on hand. You’ll be able to improve your culinary skills by trying new recipes while also saving big money at the grocery store.

With all of these benefits of adding plants to your décor, it seems silly to put it off any longer. Stop by the greenhouse and pick out a few leafy friends to take home with you today.