Maintenance Tips for the Best Plant Growth

When you’re putting valuable time and energy into growing your own plants, you want them to be as good as they can be. For many, gardening is a lifestyle that can be worked on and practiced over time, whereas, many others find gardening to be a fulfilling pastime that give them a small escapism from everything else going on. Whether you put many hours a day, or the odd hour a week into your gardening projects, you still want them to be successful. It doesn’t matter whether your growing some beautiful roses, or a batch of tasty tomatoes, these useful maintenance tips will help ensure your plants are grown to their full potential.

Plenty of Water

Plants are just like humans, they need plenty of water to stay hydrated and healthy. Many people leave the watering of their plants to mother nature, relying on the rain and storms to give them the H20 that they need, but this isn’t going to give your plants the best chance. You should aim to water your plants at least once a day, depending on the weather conditions, as the soil is often very absorbent and can soak up most of the water in no time.

Keep them Fertilized

It’s really important to keep your plants fertilized throughout their growing, as this will ensure they are safe from disease and so on. Make sure you select your fertilizer carefully, as using the wrong fertilizer for your specific plants can burn their roots, prevent them from absorbing liquid and also encourage leaf spots, which will prevent your plants from looking their very best. You can find exactly what kind of fertilizer to use by speaking to someone at your local garden centre.

Added Protection

There are lots of different precautionary measures that you can put in place to protect your prized plants from danger, especially when they’re growing in the open spaces of your back garden! Whilst they may be safe in a greenhouse, you never know what pests are going to enter your garden when you’re not there and help themselves to your freshly grown produce. Fruit cage netting is one of the best things you can add to your crops, as not only does it protect them from any unwelcome fox’s or badgers, but it also prevents birds from being able to swoop down and peck away at them.

Give them Space

A very common mistake when it comes to growing plants is growing them too close together. Plants need plenty of space to be able to grow properly, giving the roots enough room to spread out and gain the nutrients needed. If you pack too many plants close together, you’ll find that the plants may have stunted growth or begin to stop the growth of others completely. Spread your plants out evenly across the patch to ensure they have enough room to grow with no interactions.

Control Pests

Throughout the day, many pests will try their best to nibble their way through those tasty leaves and destroy your lovely display, but this can be controlled. Whilst you can’t always eliminate all pests from the area, you can put certain measures in place to stop them from ruining your hard work and efforts. Add some insect, slug and snail repellent to your plants to ensure that they stay away from that area.