Witness the Grandeur and Opulence of the Royal Forts in India

The land of India is known for its vibrant culture, delicious food, chaotic streets and bazars and colourful festivals. All these factors work wonderfully well in attractive huge number of tourists from around the world. Each and every region has something unique that are just waiting to be explored and experienced by the tourists. While the magnificent palaces, festival celebrations, beautiful beaches, mausoleums and wild sanctuaries are a hit among the tourist, one of India’s hidden gems that doesn’t get enough attention as it deserves are its awesome forts.

In India you would find some of the most incredible forts you wouldn’t find anywhere in the world. Right from Delhi, the capital of India to Cochin in the South, there are a plethora of magnificent forts that literally manifest the lives Royals of India and their glorious history and heritage. If you have a fetish for history and love to dig deep inside the lives of the Indian kings and prices and their Royal abode, India forts would literally transverse you to the magical era of the Indian royals. If you wish to travel to any of the forts in India make sure that you first get your travel bookings, you can book a bus ticket from abhibus and use the abhibus coupons to get attractive discount on your bookings.


Red Fort

Sitting pretty amidst the city of Delhi, this Epic monument is one of the iconic structures in India. The fort built during the era of the Mughals is the perfect representation of the might of the Mighty Mughal rule and their grandeur culture and brilliant architecture. When you get up-close with the colossal structure it sure is to give your goose bumps and leave you in awe, such is the aura around the fort. Today, the fort great significance for the modern, Sovereign India as it stands as the venue where the Prime Minister of India unfurls the National Flag on the Independence Day and the Republic Day and address the nation.

Gwalior Fort

This historical fort located in Madhya Pradesh is a fine specimen of opulent Indian architecture of the ancient past. The best way to witness the beauty of the fort is see it at night when the fort literally glimmers under the moon light; the sight is a cynosure to eye and you sure will behold it for a long time. This majestic monument is also one of the biggest forts in India and within the fort it holds several popular tourist attractions including Sas-bahu temple, a temple dedicated to mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

Golconda Fort

This famous fort has history written all over it. The fort built by the Kakatiya Kings is an imposing structure and is known for its military architecture. It is Located in Hyderabad, one of the fastest growing cities in India. The fort was once known for its glorious diamonds that were found at the Kollur Mine. The Fort attracts a huge number of tourists every day, visit the fort to get a firsthand feel and look of the beautiful fort.