What to Get as your Very First Car? New or Used?


Buying your first car is a milestone in anyone’s life, as it signifies a new level of freedom and independence. That said, there is the decision to be made about whether to buy a new or used car, and while a new vehicle does have many advantages, it is perhaps not the ideal choice for a first time buyer. A new licence holder would be relatively inexperienced with all things mechanical, and driving is a new skill that needs to be honed over time. Buying a new vehicle might intimidate the driver, and being afraid of damaging the car, he or she might forget the valuable lessons learned during the test.

Used Cars

If you are going to buy a used vehicle, there are many things to consider. You do not want a powerful car as your first vehicle, at least not until you have gained valuable hands-on driving experience. A large car is also not a good idea, as controlling it is a little different to a small vehicle, so look for something with a small engine capacity and not too large. The other main concern about buying second hand is the condition of the vehicle. If you are a new motorist, the chances are you wouldn’t know what to look for in a car, and for this reason, it makes sense to arrange a pre purchase car inspection. If you happen to live in Western Australia, there is top quality vehicle inspection in Perth from Spot On Vehicle Inspection, which means you can buy the car with confidence, knowing it is in good condition.

Save Money

Buying a second hand car will definitely be a lot cheaper than a new one, and if you buy something that is only a year or two old, most of the depreciation will have occurred, and the car should hold its value, providing it is properly maintained. Some people manage to enjoy free motoring, as they buy a used vehicle for a bargain price, use it for a year or so, then sell it for more than they originally paid. This would be very difficult for a new motorist to do, as they would not know what to look for, but a used car inspection would tell you the current condition of the vehicle, and then you can make an informed decision on whether to buy it.

Personal Preference

This is another reason why second hand is advisable for a new driver. It takes a while to get used to any car, and if you were to buy a new car, then find out it doesn’t suit you, it is a costly mistake. Drive a used car for a while, and if you like the style and size of the vehicle, the next time you change it, perhaps go for a new model, if you are sure you like it.


Most people never forget their first car, and buying a used vehicle has more advantages than a new one, and with professional help in the form of a used car inspection, you can buy with confidence.