Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These – A Guide To The Wardrobe Of Your Dreams

You might be very unhappy with your current wardrobe. The doors might be coming off the hinges, the mirrors may be cracked, the drawers could be broken and the contents might be spilling out because you simply do not have enough space.

If this sounds familiar, then it might be time to consider buying your dream wardrobe. Wardrobes in Perth from WA lifestyle wardrobes are effortlessly stylish whilst being affordable. There are several things that you can do to achieve this, without having to spend lots of time and money. Read on in order to find out much more.

Build A Walk-In Wardrobe

It is every girl’s dream that they have so much space in their house that they can buy thousands of dresses, tops and skirts without ever having to worry about a lack of space. Because most of us don’t live in cavernous mansions, unfortunately, we have to think about the amount of space that we allocate for our clothes.

The best way to maximise the space for clothes in your house is to have large walk in wardrobes fitted. This means that you will dedicate an entire room in your house to clothes, shoes and handbags. The biggest advantage of having this type of wardrobe is that your clothes will be completely crease free when they are hanging up. Getting ready in the morning will no longer be a chore that you have to endure. Install floor-to-ceiling mirrors so that you will be able to admire yourself when you have finished getting dressed.

Put Crystals Or Diamonds Around The Wardrobe Mirrors

Wardrobes should never just be merely functional. Instead, they should always have a touch of style about them that reflects the glamorous clothes that are stored inside the closet. There are several ways that you can make the wardrobe look that little bit classier: you might want to hang ribbons on the door or put multi-coloured lights inside. But perhaps the best thing you can do is to buy some crystals (real ones or very good fakes) and position them around the wardrobe mirrors in order to create a magnificent sparkle.

Install Built-In Wardrobes

A built in wardrobe is an effective way to save space in your house when you consider where to put all your clothes. These wardrobes can be made to look stylish rather than functional, simply by applying an eye-catching coat of paint. Choose a colour which complements the rest of the room.

Install Some Floor To Ceiling Mirrors In The Wardrobe

When you are getting ready, it is really important that you know what you look like. To make your wardrobe look instantly classier, choose a mirror that has a stylised frame. You might choose a mirror with a wrought iron edge, or one with patterns in the frame.

Use this guide to create the wardrobe of your dreams.