Tips for Aspiring Video Game Entrepreneurs

Video Game Entrepreneurs face a tough field, but the end results make the challenges well worth it ... photo by CC user vancouverfilmschool on Flickr

Anyone who has an interest in excelling in the world of video games, like entrepreneurs such as Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick, would be wise to learn a few things about the industry before they attempt to begin their career. Unfortunately, there’s more to it than just a passion for playing video games and staying on top of news about the latest releases. However, that’s not to say that a passion for video games isn’t useful. To help you get started in this competitive but rewarding field, here are some tips for all of those would-be video game moguls.

Understand That It’s a Competitive Field

In the era of phone apps, console video games and games for other handheld devices, the competition is fierce. Just about anyone can create a script for a game and upload it for sale. If you want to be a true success story, you have to be ready to create something that is truly unique and appealing to consumers.

Education Helps

Degrees in computer programming or business can be extremely useful, especially for those who are hoping to score employment at established video game development companies. While there are many stories of pioneers who taught themselves how to program and code, getting an actual education can be incredibly helpful.

Expand Your Horizons

If you’re a developer, spend some time learning about the business side of things. If you’re a businessperson, spend some time learning about the development side of things. It’s great to be well-versed in the ins and outs of this industry is you want to achieve success.

It’s A Good Idea To Take On Internships And Make Connections

Connections really help in the competitive world of video games, but you don’t have to be born into them. Look for internships with development companies or attend industry events where you can meet notable people. Industry connections can help you to find an audience for all of your great ideas or to score great jobs with established companies.

Follow Industry Trends Closely

The world of video games is constantly evolving, growing and changing. You should follow industry trends closely for this reason. That doesn’t just mean that you should play video games and pay attention to the new releases from brands that you already like. Instead, keep an open mind and watch trends from all across the industry.

Research Success Stories

Do your research on people who’ve had great success in the video game industry, such as Kotick. Learning what the success stories did right can help you to make decisions when it comes to your own career, in addition to gaining some valuable insight about how moving up in the industry works.

Be Innovative And Creative

In this competitive industry, innovation and creativity matter. Always be presenting people with new and interesting ideas. The more that you can think outside the box, the more of an impression that you’ll make.

Don’t Get Discouraged

Developing that million dollar game can take years and years of trial and effort. However, the people who succeed in this industry are the ones who really stick with it, no matter how many failures they may encounter. No matter what happens, don’t get discouraged and stick with your goals.

Succeeding in the world of video games can be a long journey. It’s an incredibly competitive field that intimidates a lot of people. However, this industry can be incredibly rewarding for those who are willing to stick it out. Be creative and innovative and always keep chasing your dreams of success in the world of video game development.