The top private investigating myths according to Trustify

It’s a field which is sometimes regarded as a little cloak and dagger, but delve into the truths of private investigating myths and it’s maybe not quite as appealing as the movies depict.

This is something that we are keen to look into. Trustify have claimed that there are an increasing number of misconceptions about the private investigation industry, and through today’s post we will scrutinize some of the best one in complete detail.

Myth #1 – All private investigators drive fast cars

If one were to review all of the cars that are driven by private investigators, you would probably be quite disappointed, according to Danny Boice. This is something that the movies get well and truly wrong; there’s something of a 007 image when it comes to private investigations but in reality this really isn’t the case.

When you start to delve into the real truths about private investigations, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. After all, if all professionals working in this industry were to drive the flash cars, those who they were investigating would most probably start to become suspicious. The trick of being a good private detective is to go about your work without being noticed.

Myth #2 – Private investigators get access to all sorts of information

According to Jennifer Mellon, the amount of data that private investigators review is surprisingly slim. Again, the movies might suggest that private investigators have a wealth of data to sift through when it comes to tracking people, but this is only true to an extent.

The accurate part of this comes from the fact that private investigators do have a lot of information at their disposal – but all of this is just what the general public have available as well. Sure, they might have to pay for some access to databases, and they might organize it in a way which makes it more manageable, but it is a gross inaccuracy to say that the amount of information they have is more than the Average Joe.

Myth #3 – Private investigators can bend the rules

This final myth was something that both Danny Boice and Jennifer Mellon agreed on. Once again, the movies don’t do anyone any favors here, with some suggesting that PI’s can bend the rules in a bid to get their desired result.

Well, once again, this is something that needs debunking as a matter of urgency. This is because it generally doesn’t do a private investigator any favors in the slightest if he or she decides to bend the rules whilst on the job. Sure, they might get that initial boost of information which they have been desperately looking for, but when it is found that this information has been obtained illegally it can lead to significant repercussions from a legal perspective. Most private investigators are instead realists and will simply tell clients the legal ways they are able to obtain information, and go from there.