Tips to Get Ready for a Glamorous Weekend in Courchevel

Courchevel is the sort of wonderful ski resort where glamor and style are part of the attraction. This world famous town in the French Alps is renowned for being a place where the rich and famous come to ski.

This might mean that you feel slightly daunted when it comes to trying to get the right style for this trip. So what should you do to make sure that you enjoy the most glamorous weekend possible here?


Choose the Right Clothing

If you love fashion then choosing your clothes for a trip to Courchevel is going to be a big part of the pleasure you get from this trip. There is a huge selection of cool skiing gear for you to choose from.

Of course, your first priority should be to wrap up warmly before hitting the slopes. The crisp mountain air here means that you will want a heavy jacket, gloves, and a warm hat among your belongings.

One option you can take if you aren’t sure what to wear is to wait until you arrive in Courchevel. This is a great town for shopping in and many of the best shops offer skiing clothing and gear for sale.

Alternatively, you could check out the latest ski fashion online. Just take a look at some of the celebrity snaps from Courchevel to see what kind of clothes visitors here are wearing this year.

By choosing good quality and practical winter clothing you will feel comfortable and also look your very best. It is certainly worth taking some time to choose the absolutely perfect outfits to take away with you.

Find Comfortable Accommodation

What better way to start off a glamorous trip to the scenic French Alps than by heading straight to a lovely place to stay? This is a town that is packed full of great chalets and hotels for you to choose from, making it ideal for romantic breaks among other types of vacation.

Many of the best places to stay here have hot tubs, balconies, and other lovely touches to make you feel more at home. Why not treat yourself to an unforgettable break with a lot of luxury in Courchevel?

Having a comfortable and stylish place to go back to after a day of skiing can make all the difference when it comes to thoroughly enjoying every aspect of your trip to the French Alps. You can also enjoy a good night’s sleep to recharge your batteries for the following day’s adventures.

Be sure to look for accommodation that is well located too. While the towns here aren’t especially big, there are a few different parts to Courchevel located at different altitudes that you are sure to want to check out.

Organizing luxury ski weekends in Courchevel and finding the ideal accommodation isn’t as difficult as you might initially think. It is an easy place to get to and you can arrange short midweek or weekend breaks if you don’t have the time to get away for longer.

Choose Cool Places to Eat

There is no doubt that eating out in style can add a huge amount of pleasure to any trip you make anywhere in the world. The simple pleasure of ordering an exciting meal in pleasant surroundings is something that never loses its appeal.

As you can well imagine, the popular ski resort at Courchevel is crammed with wonderful places to eat. For a start, you could try the brilliant Les Chenus for a great meal that you will long remember.

Bouc Blanc is another eatery worth giving a try while you are staying here. It is perhaps slightly better value than others in town but still offers a fine dining experience in a setting to remember.

Many of the restaurants here are very expensive and if you want to enjoy a terrific meal in a world class setting then you can definitely do it here. There are highly varied menus here that let you sample new dishes or else stick to your favorites if that suits you best.

La Centrée is another top choice and there are plenty of other places here where you can eat extremely well. No matter which restaurants you decide to go to, you should look to make the most of the experience and really savor the food, the views, and the stylish atmosphere.

Enjoy the Incredible Après Ski Scene

If you like to get out for a few drinks then the spectacular après ski scene in Courchevel is going to be perfect for you. There are plenty of bars here where you can enjoy some quiet drinks or else a wild night of partying.

Among the most popular bars here are the classic La Catérail, Tremplin and the Bubble Bar. There are bars, pubs and clubs here for every type of taste, so you are almost certain to find somewhere that you love going to.

Whether you come here in a group or on your own, the après ski scene is something you should definitely be looking forward to sampling once you arrive. After you have made the most of a glorious day out on the slopes you can then look forward to a very special evening out on the town.

The fact that there are bars dotted about the different parts of Courchevel means that you are likely to have one pretty close to where you stay. The chance to enjoy this side of life in Courchevel is extremely tempting and easy too.

Many of the tourists who come here on a short ski trip want to enjoy glamorous nights out in the trendiest spots. If you like to dress up for a very special night out then this is a fantastic place to do it.

In fact, you might love the après ski scene here more than anything else. There is no harm in letting your hair down and having a whale of a time when you are in such a special place.

Get In Shape for Skiing and Fun

Perhaps you will want to get in the best shape of your life for a skiing trip here. There are a couple of different reasons why you might think that this is a smart move to make before you travel.

For a start, you will soon be surrounded by a lot of glamorous folk and will want to look your very best for the experience. This is especially true if you plan to go to the most luxurious bars and restaurants in Courchevel while you are here.

Lots of the visitors to Courchevel are people who really look after themselves. If you want to fit in with the most glamorous visitors then there is definitely no harm in making an extra effort.

The other big reason for getting in shape is to enjoy the skiing that you do here. Skiing is a fabulous type of exercise but it may take more out of you than you thought if you aren’t in great shape.

By spending some time getting fitter before leaving home you will still feel fit and full of energy to enjoy everything else that Courchevel has to offer in the evening.

If it is a glamorous and stylish break you want then the lovely resort of Courchevel is hard to beat. This could turn out to be the most luxurious and memorable trip that you ever make.