The money saving side of online shopping

photo by CC user robbertjnoordzij on Flickr

Photo by CC user robbertjnoordzij on Flickr 

Who wants to pay top dollar for things they can get for less? Nobody, that’s who. And this is why more and more smart shoppers are heading online to grab themselves discount deals, cut prices and super bargains on the web.

The explosion in online shopping has seen 191 million US Internet shoppers, back in 2013, grow into a projected 215 million by 2018. The trend away from the mall into Internet stores has revolutionized the way we think about our purchases. Anything and everything from toothpaste to tractors, tech and even travel can be sourced at an online outlet now – usually at a lower price. It’s difficult to see why you would head to a brick and mortar store to pay more for the same product.

Read on for more reasons why online shopping is the way forward, and how to make sure you pick up the best deals:

Bigger choice, lower costs

An online presence costs far less to maintain than a physical store. With lower overheads, online retailers offer prices that are more competitive, and an ever-changing range. With greater space to store and warehouse products, the variety and stock Internet suppliers can accommodate is often far wider.

Niche and easy

The Internet is the perfect hunting ground for niche products too specialized to merit their own physical store, but nonetheless indispensable. When you are looking for something unusual, all it takes is a few words tapped into a search engine and in a few seconds, you have choices, prices and options. Popular niche sites like As Seen On TV offer useful and life-enhancing products at low prices for things you simply cannot find in the stores. When you are looking specifically for a particular item, Internet shopping excels – no driving around from store to store on fruitless missions, wasting time, energy and gas money. Instead, you get a laser-focused, quick and easy search followed by free shipping to your door. Could it be any simpler?

How to keep prices down

Many online retailers automatically offer free delivery and returns, and it is a good idea to bookmark such sites. With some stores, you have to spend a minimum amount before the free shipping kicks in. You can usually set the search filters for products that are shipped free. Alternatively, look for companies that offer in-store pickups – an easy way of collecting your goods locally for less money.

Online retail outlets have to offer more in terms of customer service because they do not have a face to face relationship to exploit. Make use of the chat button on sites to ask customer service operatives directly about special offers and discounts. Often they will have access to information about deals and codes that are not immediately apparent.

Plan to fill up your virtual basket on a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday because, statistically, this is when the online stores roll out their best deals.

Fashion fans who buy a lot of clothes online should always have their measurements and sizing details on hand to make sure bargains are snapped up when they appear. Sometimes deals are time restricted, so being ready to act instantly gives you an advantage.

Get pro-active

Always sign up for newsletters and email notifications for your favorite stores because this way you’ll learn first about special offers, sales and other valuable incentives. Your email address is a powerful marketing tool for stores, so don’t give it away unless you are getting something in return.

Social media is a fantastic hunting ground for money saving deals online. For a simple ‘like’ on Facebook or a re-tweet on Twitter, you can receive discounts and money off codes that really start to add up.

Really smart online shoppers download free apps that tell them the moment they hit a retailer’s site, where and what the special deals are on that particular day. Clever apps like this save you time and money and guarantee you get the intel you need to make an informed choice.

Online shopping is a part of our everyday lives now. It is something we have come to expect – if a company or retailer does not have an online presence, they are often overlooked. The language of the Internet with its instant visuals, fast navigation and efficient user-interfaces, means we can maximize our money and time while finding exactly what we need. It is a winning formula that is only going to gain more fans in the future.

So what about you? How much money are you saving with online shopping? Follow the tips in this article and soon you too will be spending less online in return for more goods. It’s a deal too good to refuse….