Stress free shopping: How to do it with the kids

When you are young, free and single, a trip to the mall is almost like therapy. Then, when parenthood strikes, things suddenly take a turn for the stressful. In other words, shopping is anything but relaxing, and you attempt to conclude your shop in record speeds just to return home as promptly as possible.

Unfortunately, this is never going to change. Shopping is never going to be a favorite pastime for little people, unless of course the whole trip is centered around toys and candy. However, there are methods to at least make it a little easier for you (and them), and through the course of today’s post we will take a look at some of these in-detail.

Make sure the trip ends with a treat

There’s nothing worse for kids than trekking round shop after shop, only to know that nothing good is waiting for them at the end of proceedings.

When we look at popular shopping areas in London, what we see is that they tend to be full of families shopping together. The reason for this is that there is plenty to do nearby to “reward” good behavior on the trip. It might be an ice cream, or it might be a visit to their favorite park – but just make sure the end is always in sight.

The wonders of a buggy board

Some parents might try and turn to the buggy, even if their little one is probably too big, but the modern solution to those infamous tired legs is a buggy board. This is exactly as it sounds, it attaches to the buggy and at least allows your kids to skate around the shops like they own the place. It’s a small form of entertainment, but one that can work wonders.

What’s the plan?

This isn’t a business outing by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s amazing what a plan of action can do to little minds. Knowing that they are almost at the finish line is another worthwhile suggestion, and one that can again decrease the chances of the “are we going home yet” occurring a bit too frequently.

If they know that they are just two stops away from that elusive treat at the end, it will be a much more seamless shopping trip.

The great big treasure hunt

Last but not least, don’t discount the power of a treasure hunt. This is something that might actually help your shopping plight, as well as occupying the minds of your little ones.

The game goes as follows; you document items that your kids need to spot, and the aim is to tick them all off as quickly as possible. This might include that white summer dress that you have been desperately looking for, or it might be items along the high-street (how many yellow cars can they spot, for example).

Again, this is one of those methods that can just inject a little more fun into the shopping trip, and make it more bearable for all concerned.