Gift Ideas for the Special Woman in Your Life

Why are women some of the hardest people to shop for? Is it because there are just so many cool things out there that it’s hard to narrow down? The fact that they seem to already have a ton of everything and want for nothing? Or that women are driven by emotion and love gifts with meaning (as opposed to a guy who tends to think more on the side of practicality)? Whatever it is, most guys find themselves up in arms trying to figure out how to make that special woman in their lives smile. If you’re currently searching for ideas, this list below may be of good use.


Ladies love clothes and if your girl has a knack for fashion, she’ll love that you purchased her something she can add to her wardrobe. Of course, you’d have to have some idea of her style and personality to ensure you don’t get something she’ll never wear. Check online for some general staples for women. You might get lucky and find things like the best plus size leggings, novelty tees, skinny jeans, blazers, or cardigans.


Does the woman in your life care a great deal about her skin? Lots of women are into skincare and anti-aging products so that they can keep looking their best. You can buy products like an anti-aging face mask, exfoliant, or moisturizer. She’ll love the gesture.


Jewelry is an age-old gift idea that men have given to their special ladies for centuries. It’s a very unique way to show her you care. You can splurge a bit on some diamonds, gemstones, silver, or gold and watch her eyes light up with pure happiness and excitement as you give it to her.

Something Creative

Not all gifts to the special woman in your life have to be costly or even purchased from a store. If you have some creative skills you can put to use, she’ll love it just as much. Make her a painting, write her a song or poem, build a website listing all the ways you love her, create a playlist of her favorite songs, make her a romantic dinner comprised of her favorite foods, or create a mushy video and post it online for the world to see. When gifts come from the heart and well thought out like that they tend to carry more meaning than any fancy gift could.

A Getaway

As hard as women work likely the greatest gift you can get her is a vacation. Whether you pay for her to go somewhere on her on and just relax or you want to make it a romantic weekend for two, the fact that you have given her time to get away from the normal hustle and bustle of life will go a long way in her heart.

Women are such a significant part of life. They deserve the world if you can afford to give it to them. If you’ve found yourself stumbling over the right thing to get for the special lady in your life, try some of the above ideas on for size. Whether you buy clothes for your fashionista, skincare for your aging beauty, jewelry for your forever love, get creative, or fund a getaway for your overworked queen, she’ll be over the moon.