Stay Fit During Winter with These Fun Outdoor Activities

Harvard Health tells us that working out during winter has some benefits that we can’t get when we do it during summer. For one, our heart does not need to work as much because of the cold weather. This is because we sweat less and use less energy. In addition, the temperature can transform our white fat into brown fat, which is the calorie-burning fat.

If you are convinced, then grab your Obermeyer women’s ski jacket and do the following fun outdoor winter exercises and activities:


In their interview, Dr. Josef Niebauer, a sports medicine and cardiology professor, noted that skiing has several benefits. One, it’s a mix of resistance and endurance training. Whether we are walking our way to the top of the slope or rushing our way downhill, skiing trains our heart and leg muscles. This makes our blood circulate well, enhances insulin resistance and glucose metabolism, and revitalizes our blood vessels, among others.

Skiing improves the muscles on our lower body as well, which helps improve our balance and stability. This makes us less susceptible to injury.


If you are not a fan of an adrenalin rush when alpine skiing, then a leisurely walk in the park in winter may be for you. This walk is referred to as snowshoeing.

This activity, just like walking and running, burns your calories. But the advantage of snowshoeing is that you can burn more at the same pace. In fact, a study conducted by two universities revealed that you can burn at least 400 up to 1000 calories per hour. Do it three and a half times, and you’ll lose at least one pound.

On top of that, you can also improve your endurance, balance, and strength.

Ice skating

Do you want to get ripped while having fun in the cold? Try ice skating. Vogue reports that skating can have a body-sculpting effect. It challenges your core, enhances your balance, and improves coordination.

Although the article does not say how much calories you can burn while ice skating, it concluded that it the activity trains total body proprioception, which makes you more balanced and graceful even when not skating.

Snowball fight

Who would have thought that the innocent desire to knock our “enemies” down has health benefits as well? Aside from giving you the license to brag once you’re the last man or woman standing, the squatting, sprinting, lunging, and throwing can serve as a total workout. It moves your upper and lower body, as well as your core.

Building a snowman

According to experts, this simple yet fun activity works wonders for our muscles. The pain you feel the day after building a snowman is proof that you flexed your muscles. In addition, it makes us sweat, so we’re sure we burned some calories, too.

The winter doesn’t have to be boring. You can still have fun while giving your body the workout it needs to stay strong and healthy. Try these activities the next time the cold season hits your state.