Five European Soccer Games You Simply Have to See

European club soccer is often considered as the pinnacle of the planet’s most popular sport.

Brimming with culture, history and above all else passion, these matches are an experience not to be missed and definitely one to tick off your bucket list for sports lovers and newcomers alike.  

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If you are in the market to travel to a European soccer match then you might want to considering the following few.

5. The Netherlands: Ajax vs. Feyenoord

Only an hour’s train ride separates the great cities of Amsterdam and Rotterdam. They couldn’t be more different though. One, the glistening jewel of the former Dutch Empire, and go to European destination high on the list of many intrepid travellers. The other, a staunchly working class and rough and tumble port town

There’s a lot more to this rivalry than simply soccer itself. This is a contest built on class as well as ideology. Its raw passion can often spill over the edge into intense altercations between fans.

Regardless of where these two giants of Dutch football are in the table, it’s a rivalry that burns deep and is not one to be missed. Passion, tension and bucket full of goals await – no less than 11 in the last two meetings.

4. Germany: Bayern Munich vs. Borussia Dortmund

Der Klassiker (The Classic) is without a doubt the biggest game in the German soccer calendar.

They may be separated by nearly 400 miles but don’t underestimate the seething rivalry that exists between Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund. Since the formation of the German league in 1963 Dortmund and Bayern have carved up the honours between them. They’ve shared an incredible 21 of the last 24 league titles.

The rivalry is more alive than ever with Dortmund’s resurgence locking the two in a title race at the top of the league table with only one possible winner.

3. AC Milan vs. Inter Milan

Though success hasn’t exactly been forthcoming for the two Milanese clubs in recent years, their rivalry hasn’t cooled one iota. Known locally as the Derby della Madonnina after the famous statue that sits atop Milan’s Duomo this matchup is a sure fired Italian classic.

Not only do they share a city, a common history and even a sense of style, Milan and Inter actually both call the San Siro stadium home. One of Italy’s biggest and most iconic stadiums fills to the brim on derby day.

Whether you’re draped in the black and blue of Inter, or the black and red of Milan, just make sure you’re not caught on the wrong side.

2. Manchester United vs. Liverpool

With just over 30 miles of freeway separating England’s two most successful clubs, the north west of England simply isn’t big enough for the both of them. Welcome to one of the tensest and most heated rivalries in the world.

Forged in the heat of the industrial revolution the two towns’ fortunes have often been intertwined which has added to the sense of competition between the two. There’s no better place to witness that than on the soccer field.

Both sides have had their share of dominance in English football, not just for short bursts, but even over entire decades. It’s resulted in a total of 38 league titles, 19 cups and 8 European honours between the two. Not one to miss.

1. Barcelona vs. Real Madrid

Arguably the biggest soccer game in the world. Their names known across the globe, Barcelona and Real Madrid are true titans of club soccer, only equalled in stature by the likes of Manchester United.

The history of El Clásico is fraught with tension, history, and has seen some of the greatest players to ever grace the soccer field.

Coupled with the fact that it takes place in the sunny cities of Spain and you’ve got a winning ticket whatever happens. Whether at the Santiago Bernabéu in Spain’s capital Madrid or the Camp Nou in Barcelona on the Catalan coast, you won’t be left disappointed by the world’s greatest football rivalry.