Recoup Lost Stuff with a Tasteful Divorce Party

Ladies and gentlemen, we understand your pain. We understand that ending your marriage can be a difficult and trying time. We often lose too much during a divorce.

Sometimes we lose our dignity. Other times we lose our self-respect. Sometimes it gets so crazy that we feel like we’re losing our mind!

And the worst part? We lose half (or more) of our stuff!

But getting our stuff back is the easy part. It’s simple even if we don’t have any money and we have to start over from scratch.


How so?

Hosting a divorce party is all the rage these days. And using an online divorce registry is a great way to recoup some of the important items that we’ve lost during a divorce. And it’s easier to accomplish than you might think.

Why Should I Host a Divorce Party?

For many people, going through a divorce is a sad and difficult time in their lives. But it’s also a chance for a new beginning. And beginning again is cause for celebration!

Some people have suffered for so long in their marriage that they can’t wait to be free! In situations like this, it makes perfect sense to host a divorce party to celebrate the end of your misery with family and friends.

Remember, having this party is a great way to kill two birds with one stone. As mentioned, you are celebrating the opportunity to begin a new life. And you certainly want to involve your family and friends. You undoubtedly want to celebrate this new beginning with the people that mean the most to you in this world.

On the other hand, it’s also an excellent opportunity to create a divorce registry. It’s very similar to a wedding registry but in reverse. Instead of asking for gifts to start your new life with your spouse, you’re asking for gifts to start your life over again now that your marriage has ended.

Some people feel uncomfortable asking for gifts at their divorce party. And you might feel uncomfortable too. So it’s in your best interest to only ask for things that you absolutely need in order to survive and thrive in your new life.

Examples of the Perfect Gifts to Add to a Divorce Registry

If you are going to host a divorce party and set up a divorce registry, adding certain necessary items to your gift list is a good idea. And avoiding frivolous things is also smart. If you put frivolous items on your list, people are going to think that you’re looking for a handout and nothing more. When you only put the most important items on your list, people will see that you are looking for a hand up and not a handout!

In our opinion, some of the best gift ideas to add to your Plumfund divorce registry include:

  •        A toolkit – this is the perfect gift for a man or woman. Everyone needs to make minor repairs around the house from time to time. Having a toolkit available not only makes it easier to make minor repairs, but it also makes it possible in many instances.
  •        Hand towels – this might not seem like much, but many of us often lose our hand towels during a divorce. And it’s comforting to receive new ones from our family and friends during this difficult and distressing time.
  •        Cookware – we all need pots and pans to cook with. These somewhat expensive items are often difficult to replace when starting our new lives after a divorce. This is an excellent gift for the new divorcee in your life.

Hosting a divorce party is the latest trend. It’s also a great idea since we lose so many important items during our divorce. Feel free to use these suggestions and have the best divorce party imaginable!