Reasons Why a Handwritten Wedding Invitation is Worth a Try

These days, there are all sorts of gimmicks to surprise guests invited to attend a wedding. Some people don’t even bother to send out printed invitations at all. Electronic invites have become a massive trend as they are easy to create and send.

The problem with these invitations is that they lack sincerity. The letter focuses on the aesthetic appeal and shock value rather than on the content. You can take things to a new level and not only use paper for sending invitations but use your handwriting for the content.

It might seem like a laborious task that could take a while to finish, but you will feel content once you have the invitations ready for distribution.

Start with the content

You can decide what to include in the invitation. You can have the same necessary information like the wedding venue, time, theme, and how to get there. You can leave space for your note. Since you are planning to invite hundreds of guests, you might want to keep things short. You don’t want to spend several weeks finishing up the invitations as you might not have time to distribute them. Don’t worry that you won’t have enough words to say. If you know the people you intend to invite, or they are special to you, it will be easy to keep your thoughts flowing.

Order personalised cards

Since you intend to make the invitations personal, you might as well order personalised correspondence cards. You can easily buy them online if you worry that you can’t find any local printing company to do them for you. The cards can contain the details that you want. You can decide the colour of the paper, ink colour, and the font style. You can keep it simple and romantic. The paper helps in bringing out the mood that you want the recipients to have upon receipt of the invitation. The highlight is still the message that you have on the invitation.

It is ideal to order the cards in bulk to save money. Besides, you intend to invite a lot of people anyway. You might as well buy a lot of cards to have enough for all your guests, plus some more if you commit errors while writing.

You will receive lots of RSVPs

The moment you give out these personal invitations, you can expect positive responses. They can’t say no to your invitation considering the effort you put into it to make it personal. Besides, if you screened the guests to only include the people closest to you, it is likely they will respond positively.

If you intend to use this style of invitation, you need to plan months ahead. You will take time to design the paper and wait for the order to arrive at your place. You can start writing when you are ready, but don’t take too long since you need to deliver these letters and wait for all the responses.