How To Raise Healthy Children

Let’s face it. Being a kid isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and being a parent isn’t either! Today children are faced with new stresses and constant technological updates. Often times children feel that they are dependent upon technology whether that be for school work, entertainment, or even family bonding. This can create an environment in which children are not as physically active as previous generations. It’s easy to make family time calm, relaxing, and easy-going by popping in a movie and having everyone cuddle up to watch but it’s not always best for our child’s health. Sometimes we need to sacrifice the comfort of the couch for an hour or two of activity. Raising healthy children is no easy task. With so many factors going into play into our children’s overall well-being, trying to balance it all can be a chore. Let’s take a look at ways we, as parents, can improve our child’s mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

Start by creating good habits when they are young. Creating good habits is a lot easier than breaking bad ones! Start by feeding your child healthy foods from a very young age and reducing their exposure to screens. This may require you to create new habits for yourself! While this may be difficult a child’s happiness can be a great motivator for a parent. Creating good habits in the home starts with you, remember that. Keeping junk food or tempting treats out of the fridge is one of the easiest ways to avoid temptation. Chances are if it’s in the house it will get eaten. It’s much easier to exhibit self control at the check out in the grocery store than it is at home, where everything is so much more convenient.

Raising healthy children means continuing their education at home. As a parent you can’t always count on a school to teach your child everything. Some things fall through the cracks of curriculum and classroom. Be sure to go over whatever health facts or teachings your child may have learned at school and expand upon them through experiences in the home. Remember that when you’re raising a health child the world is their classroom!

Of course we can’t forget activity. It’s commonly recommended by childcare professionals and doctors alike that all children should have at least one hour of activity per day. This means putting the screens away, shutting off the television, and pressing pause on the video games. Outdoor activity is often best but in some homes a yard or public park is hard to come by. Games like hide-and-go seek, red light/green light, and many more can be played indoors. Allowing your child to get the benefit of physical activity without having to leave the safety of home. However if you are able to venture outdoors please do so. It’s been said that fresh air can have a great impact on a person’s overall well-being. Experiencing new outdoor activities is a great way to raise healthy children. It not only promotes physical health but it also stimulates emotional well-being by enjoying something new with family. Try hiking, biking, or even barefoot water skiing to help your child expand their limits and improve their physicality. It’s never too early to try new things! Take Keith St. Onge for example. This world renowned athlete began barefoot water skiing at a young age and went on to win several awards, improve his physical fitness, and experience new things.

Raising healthy children is a part of your job as a parent and while it’s no easy task there are very real steps you can take to improving your child’s overall well-being.