5 Ways to Stop a Pest Infestation During Florida’s Summer Heat Wave

With the heat, humidity, and rain, summer in Florida also heralds the arrival of mosquitoes, fleas, ants, and other pests to come into your home seeking food, shelter, and cooler temperatures. If you come across this issue, it is crucial that you contact a pest control in Orlando, FL. Fortunately, you can follow a few smart strategies to defend yourself. Check out these five useful tips for stopping pest infestations in your home this summer.

1. Rid Your Yard of Standing Water

Mosquitoes need sources of stagnant water to reproduce. Common outdoor items can collect water, providing ideal environments for mosquitoes to lay their eggs. Remove water from buckets, flower pots, and other containers. Meanwhile, change the water once in birdbaths and fountains once per week while emptying and refilling pet water bowls daily. Don’t forget to clean out your gutters and be sure to remove tires and other junk that can hold stagnant water.

2. Close Breaches in Doors, Windows, and Walls

Pests can sneak in through tiny cracks, gaps, and holes in your doors, walls, windows, or other structures on your home’s exteriors. Larger breaches in the areas can be easy to spot, but don’t ignore seals around your doors and windows, either. Finally, double-check door and window screens for rips or holes.

3. Take Your Furry Friends to the Vet

Pest infestations may cause your pets to suffer just as much as the humans in your household. Summer is the prime season for fleas to target your cherished companions. Schedule regular visits to the vet and follow any prescribed flea control regimens. Also, make sure that regular vacuuming is part of your housekeeping routine.

4. Clean Kitchen and Food Storage Areas

Hungry pests may make a beeline for your kitchen, particularly if they readily detect food sources that are easy to reach. However, a clean kitchen can remove these temptations and prevent an infestation or stop one already in progress. Keep countertops and floors clean, follow proper food storage protocols, and take the trash out on a regular schedule.

5. Contact a Pest Control Specialist

There are plenty of things you can do to stop a pest invasion, but you’re also going to need professional assistance to keep them at bay. A local pest control provider can inspect your home, diagnose problem areas and carry out a customized treatment plan.