Questions to Ask When Screening Security Companies  

Security has become a much more important factor for many businesses and facilities than it may have been in the past. There is a much greater potential for occurrences than there has ever been before and you need to make sure as a business owner, property owner or facility manager that you have the level of security you need the most to help all of the customers, employees, visitors and residents of your area to feel as safe as possible. In order to do this properly you want to make sure you have the security guards and security officers on site that can do this for you. In order to be sure you hire the right firm, here are a few questions you want to be sure to ask any of the security companies in Houston, TX that you may be considering:

  • Are Your Officers Properly Trained? – The type of training that officers receive before they are allowed to work at any facility or area is very important to you. You want to know what type of training methods the company use so that you can be sure that the guards you have on site are prepared and capable of handling the type of situations that may arise in your area. You also want to know that they are being trained by certified and experienced professionals so that they have the skills sets they need, know how to use the latest technology systems and are fully prepared.
  • Do You Perform Thorough Background Checks? – Not only is it important that your guards are trained the right way but you want to make sure that the service you are using performs appropriate background checks on everyone that works for them. You want to know that the guards you have dealing with the public do not have any criminal background issues, complaints or anything in their background that could potentially compromise their work or your business. A good security company will perform complete checks of anyone they hire so you can be confident in whom you are using.
  • Are Officers Licensed and Certified? – This question can be important to you in a couple of areas. If you have a need to have armed officers at your property you want to make sure that any officer carrying a firearm is properly licensed to do so. You may also want to have guards on site that are certified in areas such as CPR, first aid or other emergency procedures so that they can be of help in a crisis.

You want to make sure that you ask the right questions of any company you consider so you can be sure you are completely comfortable with whoever you hire for the job. Among the Houston security companies you find available today you will find that Mustang Security and Investigations, Inc. can provide you with officers that can meet all of the needs you may have. Mustang security has the experienced, well-trained and prepared guards you want the most for your facility.