How to Finish the Year Off Strong

As 2018 draws to a close, many business professionals will start to look back and evaluate their lives over the course of the year. But with a few months to go before we enter 2019, there’s still time to do what’s necessary to finish the year off strong. Here are just some of the ways those in business are managing to not only look and feel better in time for the new year but get a jump on it as well:

Cut down on drinking

Professionals at the helm of businesses tend to be overworked as well as short on time to unwind. This puts them at higher risk of binge drinking as a coping mechanism to deal with too much stress and not enough downtime. 

If this describes your situation, consider taking serious steps to cut down on alcohol consumption before the year is finished. Depending on the degree of the drinking problem, drastic measures may need to be taken, such as having an ignition interlock device installed into your automobile. But if you get started now, you will be on track to finish the detox phase in time for the new year.

Get into competitive gaming

It sounds weird, but consider competitive gaming as a healthy outlet for the competitive passion so many business leaders have pent up inside them. You don’t have to be a former High School Esports League champion to get into competitive video gaming. Most popular home gaming console titles include online multiplayer gaming options, enabling players to easily log on and start playing against each other. 

Playing competitive video games not only provides business leaders with a means to take chances and perform incredible feats of strategy and tactics without the risk of real-world repercussions, it’s also a healthy alternative to alcohol for taking the edge off an especially tough day on the job. Furthermore, competitive gaming is linked to marked increase in performance in other areas of life; the average G.P.A. of students who participated in Esports saw a 1.5% increase when compared to the overall student body average. School administrators observed students in the league were subsequently more eager to engage in problem solving and other school activities which are important for the development of critical thinking skills.

Take a vacation

Everyone needs to take some time off now and then. It’s imperative for those in business to go on a vacation, even if it’s a “staycation” for just a few days. Time away from your company before the year is through will help to reset your approach to your operations. 

Upon return, you may notice potential areas of improvement you otherwise missed and able to make the changes in time for the new year. Besides, getting to take it easy for a little bit is essential for maintaining a certain level of sanity, no matter who you are.

Sleep better

Establishing a healthy sleep pattern is one of the surest ways to finish the year off strong. Business owners are certain to be some of the least well-rested people out there, so finding effective methods of getting out of that negative loop is crucial to long-term success.

Start early on taxes

If you really want to end this year strong and start the new year off right, get a head start on your taxes. This will give you time to take the steps necessary for minimizing your business tax burden for the year. It will also give you the chance to highlight any potential headaches.

Most people in busy are probably in the process of auditing their progress for 2018. Yet don’t make the mistake of thinking the year is already over. There is plenty of time to end the year strong, as long as you get started now.