All about Prophet TB Joshua and His Wise Men

The Prophet TB Joshua is the widely popular supreme leader of SCOAN (Synagogue Church of all Nations). However, although he is the supreme leader, he is keen to tell people that the founder of the church is Jesus Christ himself. Joshua is but a vessel to the will of the Lord, submitting to him in full as described in Isaiah 6:8.

About TB Joshua

TB Joshua led a colorful life. He was born in Ondo State, Nigeria on June 12, 1963. His story is nothing short of humbling, coming from a background of extreme poverty and low education, and growing into an international minister who thousands of people across the world listen to him. Joshua says that the Hand of God was clear in his upbringing, and that it is His guidance that allowed him to get to where he is now. And the Hand of God continues to be clear today, to those who watch or attend his sermons at the SCOAN.

TB Joshua was unable to finish secondary school. Instead, he took on jobs in a poultry farm. However, it wasn’t long before he started to see that helping the weak was the Lord’s Will, which is why he started to teach young children, while at the same time working on his own education. He also spent a lot of time washing the legs of people in Lagos. Eventually, he received his calling and completed a forty day fast. It was then that he was told to start a ministry, which originally only had eight members. From the word go, however, he showing unwavering focus and amazing grace, and it paid off. Today, with that same focus and grace, he mentors president while continuing to support those who are needy and poor. Joshua has dedicated his life to the Lord and remains hardworking and humble, always giving encouragement that hope and love are always out there.

TB Joshua and His Wise Men

When TB Joshua first founded the SCOAN, it had just eight members. However, this gave him the insight to know who would be his disciples, or his wise men and women. These were the people that he trusted to act according to the Will of God, who shared the vision and purpose, but who would also be able to continue this work should Joshua no longer be able to. In accordance with Matthew 29:16-20 and Mark 3:13-18, he developed other people, which is the greatest possible legacy.

The Prophet TB Joshua continues to mentor evangelist the world over, from any type of background. Under his mentorship, they learn how to follow the Path of the Lord. Today, four men were able to receive Divine anointing. Those four are able to join TB Joshua each week in ministering to the people who attend SCOAN. They have been chosen by God to deliver people, to heal them, and to prophesy. These are known as the Wise Men, and they are:

  1. Wiseman Harry, who originates from Greece.
  2. Wiseman Christopher Orji, who originates from Nigeria.
  3. Wiseman Daniel Emelandu, who originates from Nigeria.
  4. Wiseman Racine Bousso, who originates from Senegal.