Pipe Locating When You Plan Bathroom Renovation

As a homeowner, it is normal to eventually want to renovate the bathroom. This can easily cost a lot of money so planning the entire process is something that is necessary. Everything needs to start with checking the old pipes and the plumbing system that is in place. Pipe locating is offered by numerous professionals, like Fix It Right Plumbing. The reason why you want to detect pipes is to quickly realize if there are some problems that you have to deal with.

Wasting Money

Before the renovation starts, do make arrangements with a plumber. This is because the presence of a plumbing system that is poor can drastically affect the entire renovation budget. For instance, it is possible that you hear some noises, splashing or gurgling. In many cases this is a sign of a really small problem you can solve alone. However, if the problem is more serious and you do not work with a professional, you end up wasting a lot of time and money.


Every single bathroom needs to be correctly waterproofed. This should only be done by a professional that has a license. If the process fails, you are faced with one of the main building irregularities seen at the moment.

Buying Fittings And Fixtures

Whenever you buy fittings and bathroom fixtures, be sure that they are up to professional standards. Unfortunately, there are numerous materials and products that are now imported and do not offer the quality you want. Price is lower so many homeowners are attracted. Investing your money in high-quality products is always going to save you money since you do not have to deal with early replacements. Be sure that you check out product warranty. Cheap products normally offer a warranty of just one year while high-quality products do offer 5-year warranties in many cases.

Development Applications

In the event that you want to relocate a large bathroom vanity, want to add one or you just want to add a window or remove a wall, there is a big possibility that you will need permission from the officials. The development application is needed when you significantly change your utilities. A request needs to be submitted by a building designer or a registered architect.

Older Homes

If the home is older, built before the year 1980, it is possible that you need to deal with asbestos presence. Asbestos can be found in ceilings, floors and walls. Unfortunately, most homeowners do not even know the fact that asbestos is present inside homes. Be sure that the people you love are not exposed to asbestos fibers. Contact an asbestos handler that is licensed in order to remove it. This is going to extend renovation duration. Never think about removing asbestos alone since it is highly dangerous to do this.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, you need to locate pipes and there are so many other things you need to be aware of whenever you want to renovate your bathroom. Do be sure that you plan everything properly and that you get all the help that you need.