Creative Ways to Use Bog Mats

Manufactured from sustainably harvested tropical hardwood or oak timber, bog mats are traditionally considered to be one of the most reliable solutions to creating temporary access through muddy or stony roads.

Construction companies often encounter difficulties with transporting heavy machineries to project sites through such conditions. Bog mats, attributed with the capacity to bear up to 250 tons of workload, simplify the challenges of moving machineries to remote locations. These mats are most popularly used as temporary hard platforms for pipeline construction, oilfield rigs, jetty construction, piling and temporary access routes in emergency situations.

The scope of using bog mats has evolved in recent times. Let’s find out how deploying these products with a creative bent of mind can create business opportunities for you.

Bog Mats in Event Management

For event organisers, one of their biggest areas of concern is guaranteeing their guests smooth entry and exit passages to the main venue. A sudden and heavy downpour can jeopardize this. However, by keeping high-quality bog mats like JWA bog mats handy, you can save the big day. You can quickly set up alternate routes around the venue with these mats. No matter how big is the footfall, guests won’t have a problem finding their way towards the stage. These mats will also protect the ground from being messed up – another advantage that you might want to take into consideration.

Safe Camping

It is emotionally rejuvenating to spend a few days under the sky in a forest or on top of a mountain. However, the night is dark and the wet ground may be crawling with poisonous insects. You need to ensure safety while asleep. The mattress you have received from your adventure trip organizer may not be enough. Carry a small bog mat in your rucksack and use it as a platform to set up the mattress.

A Floor That Holds On

Working out on a slippery floor can be risky. If you are planning to set up your personal gym equipment in your home, make sure that those instruments hold on to the floor. Bog mats can be use as an artificial flooring alternative, which is sturdy and holds down the work out instruments safely.

Safe Floor at Parks and Resorts

As an owner of a small park or recreation center, you need to ensure that visitors are comfortably enjoying themselves. Not everyone is okay with the idea of sitting on grass. Installing bog mats easily solve the problem. Moreover, platforms made of bog mats don’t let kids fall as easily as they would on grass. These small considerations will make your recreation spot/park an automatic choice for families and in return, you will enjoy good business.

Outdoor Exhibition Made Easy

The natural unevenness of ground makes the task of keeping exhibits steady quite challenging for organizers. Creating a temporary platform with bog mats eliminates the problem.

Now that you are aware of the creative ways in which bog mats can be used, you can contact your nearest supplier for a reliable, temporary platform that can help you in many ways.