Perfect UK Spots For a Cottage Break

One of the most attractive features of the UK for many of its tourists both domestic and from abroad, is the outstanding and beautiful British countryside. Whether you are heading to Scotland, Wales, England or Northern Ireland, there is hundreds of miles of green, untouched countryside which you can discover. The best way that I have found to truly make the most of the countryside is to find a cottage retreat with my family where we can immerse ourselves in rural nature and get away from the stresses of life for a little while. If this sounds like something that you would like to do then I have a few suggestions for locations where you can take a relaxing cottage break.



Somerset is a county which sits in the south west of England and straddles the beautiful, coastal counties of Dorset and Devon. For anyone looking to find a great natural escape in Britain, Somerset makes for a perfect destination and if you can find a nice cottage in Somerset then you will have the perfect platform to go and explore this wonderful county. Very much a rural county, Somerset is filled with rolling hills, thick forests and national parks. Here you can explore the countryside as well as witnessing evidence and ruins from paleolithic times. This county was a key part of so many battles throughout the years and its role in English history is of high importance. To fully appreciate the county you can visit the parks, the forest and the countryside as well as visiting the many castles and museums which can be found here.


If you really want to get away from it all then why not look for cottages in the high north of England in the county of Northumberland. This vast county has hundreds of miles of beautiful green hills and valleys and such is its proximity to the sea, you will find many beautiful beaches and coves where you can see the water meet the fields. There are several towns to explore like Bamburgh and Alnwick, both of which have beautiful castles and if the weather is good, you can spend your days hiking coastal trails and enjoying the scenery.

Scottish Highlands

The Scottish Highlands are one of the most rural and isolated regions on the British Isles and they make for the perfect location for a cottage retreat. Hiking through the wilderness and climbing up the hills and mountains of the Highlands are very much the order of the day here and what better way to relax after a strenuous day than to light a fire in your cottage and watch the incredible show of stars which are visible in the night sky. If you are looking to go remote, then the Scottish Highlands presents you with the very best chance of doing so in a way that allows you to connect  with nature in the best possible way.

Where is your favorite UK spot for a cottage break? Let us know in the comments section below.