Why More and More People Are Turning to Solar Power

The energy industry is facing a state of change and has been for some years now as the warnings of the effects of climate changes are beginning to get backed up with more and more evidence. Across the energy sector, companies and important individuals like Luis Manuel Ramirez are beginning to sit up and take notice and have began to change the way in which they do things so that they are ready for the change when it comes.

Author Adam Pivot recently had this to say in his book about energy companies and climate change: The Big Pivot

Everyone is going to need to understand [climate change] the same way youd assume everyone in business needs to have some fluency in social media today, or that everyone would able to use a computer 20 years ago”

This piece of advice is something which has been given much attention by not only companies and government but also by the general public as recent figures have shown huge increases in the sales of solar power to members of the public. Let’s take a look why this type of power has seen such a boost in sales.

Growing Conscience

With so many films, TV shows and books that have been released about the damage which humans are doing to the planet and the very immediate danger of climate change, more people have grown a conscience about their role within and are looking to find ways in which they can help out, solar power is a perfect start to this new way of living an eco-conscious lifestyle.

Lower Cost

Whilst the initial costs of having solar panels installed has decreased dramatically in recent years, they are still relatively high. With this being said, once the initial cost has been paid for, the solar panels will eventually begin to pay for themselves has electricity bill come down until they hit 0. This long term cost saving has meant that many people see this as a viable option to save money and stay green at the same time.

Universal Acceptance

For many years people suggested that solar panels were an eye-sore when they were on the top of someone’s home but as happens with style and fashion, the more people who have had them installed, the more people who are happy to follow suit. Equally work of mouth plays a key role in this too and once someone hears the benefits of solar panels from their neighbor, they are more likely to want to have them installed themselves.

Additional Incentives

Many government offer cash incentives to those who have solar power installed and they can have discounted installation under many government programs. This cash incentive is likely a key reason why so many people are beginning to switch to solar power in their homes and why the sales of solar panels are increasing at such speed.