Online Slots that got Cancelled

If you have been playing online slots for a while you might have noticed that some slots come, and others go. Some of them used to be really popular and them being cancelled left many players feeling disappointed.

The reasons for slots being discontinued vary. Sometimes game developers might have certain problems with it, other times it might be simply because the slot stopped being as exciting as other newly released, more advanced titles. Below you can find a list of a few great to play slot games that unfortunately got cancelled.

Marvel slots

Slots based on the popular Marvel movies about superheroes used to be extremely popular loved by many players around the world. Unfortunately, just a few years ago all of them got discontinued. You might be wondering why that happened if they were so good. That’s because in 2017 Disney introduced an anti-gambling policy, consequently cancelling all of the Marvel slots. Slots that players miss the most now include:

  1. The Avengers Slot – the symbols in the game included some of the most popular heroes from The Avengers like Captain America, Iron Man, or Hulk. The slot also offered Marvel Progressive Jackpot that could be triggered at any time during playtime.
  2. Captain America Slot – the most exciting feature of the slot was its bonus round that had a few rounds and gave players the chance to win cash prizes and other exciting rewards. It also offered the Super Energy Free Spins feature that awarded you extra free spins and high multipliers.
  3. The Incredible Hulk Slot – the Incredible Hulk is said to be one of Marvel’s most profitable films. That’s why, before it got cancelled, it was in the top of the most played slots from the Marvel series.  The character of the Hulk had a role of the Scatter in the game and could trigger the special bonus round. Moreover, the slot had a huge progressive jackpot.

South Park

South Park was considered to be one of the most fun slot games from NetEnt. It was so popular that NetEnt released a sequel game called South Park Reel Chaos. Both of the South Park slots were known for multiple bonus features, and colorful animated graphics.

Unfortunately, the game developer took them down permanently and announced that the games are not expected to return any time soon. Noone knows exactly why the slots got discontinued but it was most likely due to the gaming license expiring.


Scarface was a slot from NetEnt based on the iconic Brian De Palma film from the 80s. It became popular soon after it had been released. When starting the games players had to watch a video introduction and after they had to decide how much they wanted to bet. The game offered multiple bonus features that could award you free spins.

It is not clear why NetEnt cancelled the game. It might have been because the theme looked a bit outdated and many players complained about the free spins feature being too difficult to trigger.