New Home? 6 Things to Do Immediately

You finally have the keys to the new place, but now what? Whether you’re planning on moving in or renting it out, you’re not quite finished with your new home to-do list. There are still a few important things to do. Here are six things to do immediately to ensure your success in your new home.

Change Your Address

This is easy to overlook, but it’s important that you remember to change your mailing address. You could miss getting important pieces of mail that may have consequences in the future. These are some places you should contact first to change your address:

Schedule All Necessary Services

You’ll want to set some things up ahead of time. These are things like gas, electricity, and water. Call your preferred internet provider and get that set up because being without internet can be a real hassle, especially if you work from home.

Contact a reputable company for pest control in San Antonio to have the place inspected. Get on top of this early because it’s possible for pests to move in while the house is vacant and you don’t want any surprises. If there are pests, they’ll only become harder to get rid of.

Do a Thorough Cleaning

Hopefully, the previous owner cleaned the place really well before leaving, but sometimes people forget on a busy day like moving day. Before you move all your things in, clean everywhere. That means the baseboards, door handles, light switches, and tiny spaces. It’s an excellent opportunity to clean the bits that aren’t part of your regular cleaning routine.

Update Your Home Security

You may have the keys, but you don’t know how many other people might have them. If there’s a security system, it’s unlikely to have been reset. Changing the locks and setting your own security code ensures only you can gain entry to your home. You’ll have peace of mind if you take these steps when moving.

Paint the Interior

You might be eager to unpack but painting the house is so much easier when there isn’t a bunch of stuff in the way. If you like the walls the way they are, that’s great! Otherwise, come up with a color scheme you’ll be happy looking at for a long time, and paint the walls while you have an open area to do so. Painting always gets messier than expected.

Baby Proof and Pet Proof

Babies and pets are very curious, and a new home is full of new areas to investigate. You’re going to be busy organizing all of your stuff and probably won’t be able to keep your eyes on the little ones every minute of the day. Keep your loved ones safe by making sure they can’t get into anything they shouldn’t be getting into.

Once you’ve finished getting every ready before moving day, it’ll be an enormous relief. You’ll feel safe, comfortable, and prepared. You can finally cross the last thing off your list and celebrate having the new house.