Most common casino bonuses

There is nothing like rolling down to the casino with the thought of cashing in on a bonus. Nowadays, you don’t even have to go to the casino, or even roll out of bed for that matter. You can punch in your favorite game and or online casino and with a few clicks, and a scroll, you can start unlocking those bonuses – click to join.

The thing is, there are many bonuses out there, so it is important to get a clear understanding of the most popular and common ones! Stick with us and we will tell you all you need to know about the most common casino bonuses. 

Welcome Bonuses 

That’s right, you are not dreaming. A lot of online casinos nowadays will offer a host of welcome bonuses to potential clientele in hopes of making you a loyal fan. Here are a few of the most common welcome bonuses. 

  •     Free spins: free spins are given out by most if not all casinos, if you catch them at the right time. They are given out at the casinos discretion in hopes of getting you to stay and play. Free spins are usually delivered in batches of 10 to 100.
  •     No deposit bonuses: this is one of the more attractive bonuses as it requires almost no commitment. Although, most casinos will require you to wager your bonus at least a couple of times before you can cash out.
  •     Deposit bonuses: these bad boys are usually more substantial than the previous two bonuses, and for a good reason. Casinos like to make these the most fruitful as they require you to make a bigger commitment. But rest assured, if you are interested in trying out a new game, look for one with a deposit bonus! 

Loyalty bonuses 

These bonuses are definitely the ones to look out for if you are on the hunt for a ripe bonus. In every casino both physical and/or online you will find a loyalty bonus or VIP status. The VIP status is designed for the casino to show recognition to its most loyal players, and what Better way to do it then by offering regular bonuses. You heard right. If you play enough and unlock that VIP status, you will be showered with bonuses on a regular. So don’t hold back!

Cash back bonuses

Wagering at the casino is not always beneficial. The avid player knows this all too well, which is why the best casinos offer you a cash back bonus! This is a great way to offset losses by getting some immediate cash going straight back into your pocket. In fact, this is what they are designed for, to alleviate the losses you may have incurred during your session. When the going gets tough, I can’t think of a better way to get back on track! 


Now that you know all the most common and important bonuses, you are ready to find your favorite online casino and start placing those bets! Be careful, make sure that you are betting well within your means and that you are placing those bets with a trustworthy casino.