Mattress Ideas To Help With Your Bedroom Style

If you plan on redecorating your bedroom then you will no doubt have a great deal to consider, colors, patterns, styles, furniture and the bed to name just a few, but have you thought about the mattress? Many people will pay attention to all of the details around the bedroom yet fail to invest any time in looking for the right mattress which will fit into the overall decor of the bedroom. Whilst it may very well be covered by a sheet and a quilt, the mattress is a large item in the room which will have a huge impact on the overall feel of the completed design.

If you haven’t thought about what kind of mattress you want in your bedroom, here are some ideas which you could consider, to fit in with whichever style you plan to implement in the bedroom.

Mattress Size

The most important thing to consider when selecting the right product is which mattress sizes will work best for your room and your home. Of course you will first need to select which bed you want and what size bed you want, and from there you can decide on whether to pick a tall or small mattress. Much of this will come down to how much space you have to play with in the room, if you are looking to maximize space then a thinner mattress will be best, larger rooms can benefit from a thick and chunky mattress.

Mattress to Bed

A popular style which many people like to use is to place a mattress which is actually smaller than the base of the bed, leaving a thin or thick shelf around the outside. Again this can help people looking to maximize space but it can also contribute from a style point of view, especially if the wood used for the base is ornate or chic in its design. Opting for this style looks great in rooms which have been decorated with a natural theme, or a theme which incorporates a greta deal of wood.


There are many mattresses on the market these days which incorporate a great deal of technological touches, and you could consider investing in a mattress like this to really give you room an impressive touch. For example you could look at a reclining mattress, which looks great in all positions. If you are looking to make a real style statement in your bedroom, and give yourself a mattress which is super comfortable and can even help your general health, this is most certainly the route that you should be looking to go down, stylish, modern and fun.

Don’t overlook the importance which a mattress can have in the bedroom, regardless of what you dress the mattress with, something of that size and an item which is so dominant in the room, provides a great canvas to help set off the overall design in the bedroom.