Mattress Firmness Levels: Do You Know Which One Is Ideal For You?

Understanding mattress firmness is a tricky thing. The simple reason behind this is firmness is quiet subjective. Most individuals describe it by saying it is ‘soft’ or ‘hard’. However, the thing is, as per every individual the definition of these terms is based on their personal preference and desire. For instance, what is ‘soft’ for one can be ‘very soft’ for another.

In order to solve this confusion, here we have explained different mattress firmness and also given tips on which firmness is suitable for whom. So, if you are confused about what mattress firmness to go for, here’s a complete guide for you…

What is mattress firmness?

The firmness of the mattress is the feel and comfort that you get when lying on it for the first time. Well, keep in mind that firmness and support are two completely different aspects of a mattress. There are generally three types of firmness described by most people, they are:

Firm or very firm: When you lie down on the mattress and feel the immediate pushback and feel a hard stiff sleeping surface beneath you, it is considered as firm or very firm.

Plush or Soft: When you feel like the mattress has a lot of cushions and immediately hugs to your body, it is described as plush or soft.

Medium: When instantly feel that the mattress has a balance of push back and hug, it is considered as a medium firm.

Picking the right type of mattress for you

In order to sleep comfortably, it is necessary that your spine is properly, aligned. Usually when we are awake and working, our spine is supported, subconsciously. However, when we sleep, spine alignment depends on the sleeping surface.

Now, in order to maintain utmost spine alignment, it is ideal to pick a mattress which provides relaxation to all our pressure points. The main pressure points are those which come in direct contact with the bed. So, select a mattress firmness which offers adequate support, provide ideal body weight distribution, and above all is compatible with your sleeping position.

Side sleepers: For side sleepers, it is ideal to go for a soft mattress to make sure it provides utmost comfort to all the pressure points. A mattress which hugs your body shape and allows you to sink in will relieve pain in shoulders, hips and prevent numbness or tingling in the arm which is tucked beneath.

Stomach sleepers: For stomach sleepers, it is ideal to go for a firmer mattress. The pressure on hips and pelvis is more in the case of stomach sleepers. A medium or firm mattress will allow your pelvis and hips to sink in and thereby help in maintaining a proper spine curve.

Back sleepers: For back sleepers, there are a variety of firmness options. This is because, while sleeping their body weight and pressure is every spread across all the pressure points. So, back sleepers can go for soft, medium, as well as firm mattresses. However, generally a medium firmness mattress is recommended for most back sleepers.

Body weight matters as well:

Body weight is another key factor to consider while selecting mattress firmness. Basically, heavy weight individuals will sink very low in soft mattresses while a light weight individuals feel a lot of push back on a firm mattress. As a general thumb rule it is recommended that individuals with higher body mass index (BMI) should opt for firmer mattresses, while those with low BMI should go for softer mattresses. To know more about kids memory foam mattress on

Recommended mattresses firmness level as per BMI:

  • Low BMI: Soft or medium
  • Average BMI: Medium
  • High BMI: Firm

For many, deciding an ideal firmness level is simple. They basically just ask themselves – do I like a soft or a firm bed? However, it isn’t this easy for everyone. So, consider the points mentioned above and make an informed decision.