Long-Distance Anniversary Celebration Ideas

Even on the most ordinary days, long-distance relationships can be difficult. But coupled with the anniversary, society believes that this day should be special, exciting, and should be celebrated together, but suddenly, a tough day can easily become a tragedy.

Although long-distance anniversaries may seem difficult, there are some great ways to celebrate together. A little planning, a little commitment, and a little creativity will reduce distance. So if you are far away and stuck for your ideas, here are some amazing ways to celebrate a long-distance anniversary.

Virtual Dinner Date

Make your virtual dinner special with planning. Even if one of you is away at night (hey, different time zone), you can still make it like a date by adding your favorite food, drink, and flowers. Then once set up, chat and eat and drink just like when you are together. If your partner is living in Chandigarh and you are living abroad, you can send him/her a midnight cake via cake delivery in Chandigarh.

Virtual Caricature

If you know a cute person, make them look cuter and cuter in caricature form. The hand-made caricature portrait personalizes the details of the special person, making it the perfect birthday or anniversary surprise.

Weighted Blanket

The use of a weighted blanket helps to relax your body by simulating the feeling of being hugged or touched, allowing you to fall asleep faster.

Recording a Video Message

When it comes to the idea of ​​a long-distance anniversary, the recorded video message is always important. It sounds simple: just open the camera and click record. Tell your partner how much you miss her and how much you love her. In addition, this is an ongoing anniversary gift, so they can see her smiling face and hear her beautiful voice at any time.

Name Bracelet

Give her a personalized gift that will make her happy even if you are far away. Engrave your name on this personalized bracelet.

Personalized Pillow

Give your spouse a pillow so that he/she will think of you every night when he/she lies on his head.

Write A Letter

Write a letter for each upcoming event or feeling. Your spouse will have a sweet letter at the moment they need it. For long-distance relationships, we can’t think of a better proposal than this!

Plan Ahead

If you know in advance that you will not be together on the anniversary, then you can plan ahead and send (or leave) a gift or mailbox, which can only be opened on the anniversary. Then get together online so you two can open gifts and letters together.

Personalized Diary

Have you considered sharing your diary with someone? Now that you are in a long-distance relationship, now is the best time. Fill in a few pages of detailed information about your day and your feelings, and then mail them to your partner to read and add their thoughts.

Even if your special person is thousands of miles away, you can still celebrate their anniversary. Due to the current covid pandemic, you can also celebrate anniversary in covid-19 with these ideas.