7 Tips for the Perfect First Date

Following these Tips for the Perfect First Date will give you the best possible chance at a good outcome

A first date usually entails a range of emotions. You get the butterflies that come with spending time with a person who interests you.

Then there’s the pressure to make sure your date feels special and has an enjoyable time. The key to success is to avoid overthinking the situation, and to follow these seven simple tips.

  1. Think About Her Interests

When you’re planning the date, think about her interests. What things does she like? If you’re not sure, especially if it’s a blind date, ask one of her friends or the person that set you up. At the very least, knowing her interests will prepare you to avoid doing something she doesn’t like.

  1. Get Dinner Squared Away

The worst thing you can do is put off making dinner reservations until the day you are going out. Even trying to book a popular restaurant a few days ahead of time might not be sufficient.

You should make the reservation as soon as you have a scheduled date. If you’ve known the person for a while and both of you expect a special evening, find a romantic restaurant she’s likely to love. If it’s a more casual “get to know each other” date, an upscale bar or cafe with outdoor seating is better.

  1. Run Some Errands

On the day of your date, you need to make a to-do list and run some errands. First is a trip to the ATM. Even if you plan on paying with a card on your date, it’s smart to carry cash as a backup.

Next, head to a barbershop or salon and get a nice shave and haircut. Finally, get your car washed and cleaned from the inside out. Such details can make all the difference.

  1. Tell Her Your Plans

Some people like an element of surprise on the first date, but most women prefer to know what they’ll be doing. Girls like to have a general plan so they can select what to wear.

If you pick her up and she feels under- or overdressed, she’ll spend too much of the date worrying about her appearance instead of enjoying your company. As a courtesy, call ahead and give her the scoop. You’ll look both courteous and prepared.

  1. Do All the Small Things Right

A successful first date includes doing all the small things right. Open her door when she’s getting in the car, pull out her chair when sitting down to dinner, let her order first, and so on. Small acts like these may seem old-fashioned and chivalrous to you, but most women enjoy being treated with respect and dignity … especially on the first date.

  1. Walk Her to the Door

At the end of the evening, get out of the car and walk your date to the door. Never request to go inside, and if she asks, politely refuse. A quick kiss is acceptable if you feel like the timing is right, but you should leave it at that.

There will be opportunities for further romance on future dates. For now, you want her to know you’re into her for the right reasons.

  1. Call the Next Day

A final tip is to call her the next day and let her know you enjoyed the date. This is especially important if you refused an invitation from her to come inside at the end of the evening. You want her to know that you are definitely interested, but willing to take it slow.

Relax and Enjoy the Date

It’s easy to get too worked up about a first date. You need to relax, as love takes time. She accepted your offer to go out because she saw something she likes.

Turning into someone else for the evening won’t do you any good. Enjoy the outing for itself and take your time with further developments. The odds are, she’ll be pleasantly surprised.