Live Luxuriously in Meribel Without Splashing the Cash

Live Luxuriously in Meribel without spending a lot of cash

Take some time off from the busy buzz of the city streets, and treat yourself to a holiday that you rightfully deserve. Experience an extraordinary trip with your family and friends that you will never forget. A weekend getaway may just be what you need.

Unfortunately, some people are hesitant to plan a destination holiday mainly because of the cost. Fear not, though, because we will discuss some tips on how to live luxuriously in Meribel without breaking the bank.

Knowing Your Holiday Destination

France is famous because of its rich culture, exquisite food, great tasting wines, and the best ski resorts that people from all over the world are just dying to experience. Although France isn’t the top-of-mind choice when it comes to budget travel, this piece of information may change your mindset.

Meribel, a region in Tarentaise Valley along the French Alps, hosts the largest ski area in the world. The villages are within the Vanoise National Park. It is a very well-known ski resort that annually hosts major sports events such as the World Cup Alpine Ski 2015.

Meribel Les Allues is a ski resort developed at about 1400 meters above sea level and designed in such a way that all buildings would follow the Savoyard style. The resort is built from stones and woods for the walls and slanted slate roofs.

In 1992, Meribel was the home of the Winter Olympics and hosted the women’s alpine skiing events and ice hockey. In 2011, the Altitude Festival was held in Meribel where different performers graced local nightclubs and bars.

The resort is part of the Three Valleys area, which is composed of about 335 marked runs, over 130 km of cross country tracks and 180 lifts. The area comprises the resorts of Courchevel, La Tania, Les Menuires-Saint Martin, Meribel, Orelle, and Thorens.

More Than Just A Skiing Ground

Sure, the sights and features of Meribel sound really interesting, but what good is it if you have to spend extravagantly? The secret to enjoying a Meribel holiday is to grab last minute ski deals just as soon as you know that you can get out on a weekend. Get ready for a different and exciting way of breaking away from your busy lifestyle!

While skiing at the grand pistes of Meribel has made the place popular among ski enthusiasts, Meribel also offers other fun activities that people of all ages will enjoy. Whether you are a lover of extreme sports, adventure, outdoors, or natural, Meribel has the potential of becoming a perfect holiday destination for you, your family and friends.

  • Ski enthusiasts will definitely have a grand time exploring the Animal Piste, Parallel Slalom, Inuit Piste and the Altai Dragon. Experience the perfect blend of skiing and the wonderful, natural slopes that can excite any skier.
  • The Inuit Piste offers a lot of outdoor games that children will be able to enjoy.
  • Meribel houses some of the most interesting restaurants that have become popular because of their unique dishes. One worthwhile food destination is L’Ekrin, where Chef Laurent Azoulay is famous for his inventive and delicate cuisine.
  • There are so many play areas in Meribel that even people as old as 40 can have a fun experience most especially at the Yeti Park, which can be reached via Combes chairlift.
  • If you want to experience both skiing and parties, La Follie Douce is the place to be. You can choose among its wide array of heavenly gastronomic feasts at the different restaurants as early as 2:00 in the afternoon. You may reach La Follie Douce via the Saulire Express gondola lift.
  • Meribel may be the perfect place to do something extraordinary, and one place that you should never miss out is the Roc de Fer peak. This place provides a 360-degree grandiose view of Pierra Menta, Grande Casse, Mont Blanc, Dent de Burgin, Les Arguilles d’Arves, les Ecrins and a large part of the Three Valleys. You may reach Roc de Fer peak via the Olympic chairlift.
  • Other than skiing, Meribel has recreational centers that house spas, swimming pools, ice skating rinks, wall climbing venues, and gyms, which are mostly found at the Olympique Centre.
  • Be sure to dine at the famous mountain restaurant Le Cos Bernard, hidden in Meribel’s Altiport forest, and reachable through the Animal Piste. It provides a perfect haven if you want some time to relax and enjoy a good meal. Surrounded by pine trees, it gives you a feeling of coziness and tranquility.
  • The highest skiing point in Meribel is Mont Vallon reaching the height of 2,952 meters above sea level. It offers a magnificent view of the Grand Casse and Gebrolaz glacier. It is almost 1000 meters of descent through the natural slopes on one of the great pistes in Les 3 Vallees.
  • The Element Park is a very popular destination because of its great terrain that offers four zones to learn freestyle skiing. You can reach Element Park via the Plan de l’homme chairlift.
  • The famous DC Area 43 is accessible from Meribel. This can be enjoyed by both beginners and pros where there are narrow and broad boxes and a mini half pipe where people can enjoy skiing.

Meribel Nightlife

Apart from daytime activities, nights n Meribel are just as fun and exciting. You will find a great number of bars and pubs, discos and nightclubs in and around Meribel.

Some clubs offer “happy hours”, which means that they give discounts on drinks most especially on beers. If you are traveling to Meribel as a group, you may want to buy beer in large jugs instead of regular serving glasses.

Just a heads up: the cost of beer is higher compared to wine due to taxation laws. Therefore, instead of grabbing a bottle of your favorite beer, why not try some of the popular French wines and discover the distinctive flavors of their spirits compared with those of other countries?

Some of the popular night spots include the following:

  • Le Rond Point: It offers live band performances by the terrace. The bar is spacious enough for people to dance.
  • Aux Petits Oignond: It is a French-English restaurant that offers home cooked meals. It is located nearby Chalets Azalee, Alysson, and Telekie.
  • Le Pub: It is the biggest and the most famous bar in town. You can listen to live band music, play pool, and watch big sports events through its wide-screen television.
  • La Taverne: Located at the heart of Meribel, la Taverne is open from 7:30am until 1:00am. The bar has a big screen for showing live sporting events, a pool table, and live music.
  • Le Poste de Secours: This is a high-end bar where different kinds of beer, wines, and champagnes are served. Le Poste de Secours is also famous for its wide array of cocktails. It is a very common spot where both locals and tourists come together for socials.

All in all, Meribel is a great holiday destination where you will always find yourself coming back to. Its cozy ambiance, coupled with friendly locals and budget-friendly amenities makes Meribel the perfect place for your next weekend getaway.

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