Have a limp living-room? Fix it up with these tips

Living room

Does your living-room reek of Pot Noodles and regret? Is your television so small that every show you watch appears to be populated exclusively by thimbles? Is your settee about as comfortable as a bed of flaming nails? Do you nod your head at unreasonably exaggerated questions about how rubbish your living-room is?

Then you should consider giving that tired old sitting space an upgrade with some of these tips.

Swivel on this

When somebody shouts “Swivel on this!” at you, the appropriate reaction is to take offence – that is, unless, they were pointing at a swivel recliner chair.

Swivel recliner chairs have only ever grown comfier as they’ve moved from their Friends-era, La-Z Boy peak to the elder statesman of comfort they are today. Not only this, but adding a recliner to your living-room will actively complement any settees or other chairs in the room.

While it’ll set you back a few hundred quid, the price is more than worth it for endless comfort and back support.

Make life high definition

Televisions have become such a complicated business, haven’t they? You’ve got a thousand-and-one models, each with different ports, cables, extras, doodads, thingamajigs and contraptions. Buying one isn’t exactly rocket science, but it isn’t far off.

So, what basics do you need for the ideal telly? First off, ensure that it has a 1080p setting, giving you the highest possible definition. Next, ensure it has at least two HDMI ports (a must for Blu-rays), a SCART port and a USB port – you’ll need them.

After that, you just have to ensure that your screen won’t engulf the rest of your living-room!

Maintain focus

While you might have installed a mega-telly that could distract you for days, you can’t make it the focal point of your room. What you need is something that will, as The Dude in The Big Lebowski would say, bring the room together.

Find a quirky or eye-catching coffee table and rug combination to add a bit of class to the room and allow for a neat focal point. While you could go online and track these items down “on the cheap”, don’t be so boring. Instead, hunt through vintage or antique shops to find furniture brimming with character.

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Combine this with a few paintings or photographs you appreciate to set a cultured tone that will offset the all-encompassing glow of a terrifically huge telly.