Going Green – 5 Tips For Vegan Vitality

As you probably know, going vegan isn’t simply cutting out meat from your diet, it is a drastically different lifestyle choice. Vegans consume no products made from animal products, and for many this even includes bee products like honey and wax. Diet-wise, vegans need to get a little creative so that they get all the essential vitamins and minerals the body requires. Enjoying a vegan lifestyle is entirely possible as long as you have the know how!


  • Supplements

If you grew up in a carnivorous family then transitioning to a healthy vegan can seem like a huge and daunting challenge. So, while you are learning about how to supplement your nutrients with different food groups, using a supplement from online retailers such as Fourbody’s online Vital Greens store can help you stay on top of your health.

  • Keep it interesting

This isn’t just a tip for vegans, but eating the same few meals all the time not only means we have a poor variety of nutrients, but it also means that we are probably super bored of food we’re eating as well. When you try to introduce new ingredients or cooking techniques you will find that eating becomes more of a joy, and when you can look forward to something, even if it’s just lunch, you will feel more optimistic about everything. If you are someone who likes to have a plan and to know what’s going on, you could simply try rotating your meals every couple of weeks, that way you still have variety, but shopping and planning can all stay approximately the same.

  • Do your research

As I mentioned before, there is a large difference between a typical diet and a vegan diet, and when you don’t grow up around it, knowing where to look for certain nutrients can be hard. Doing your research and knowing what types of food will provide all your iron and fatty needs will be a huge help, and knowing what brands are vegan friendly is valuable knowledge.

Plus, keep in mind what might trip you up when scanning food labels. This unfortunately goes for eating out as well, as just because the place advertises vegan on their menu, doesn’t mean it necessarily is. Sometimes this is simply a mistake or oversight, but it’s always good to call ahead and make sure. That is especially important if you don’t like annoying the wait staff that probably have no idea what is in the food you are about to eat.

  • Keep your mission in mind

In today’s society it is difficult to go against the grain, and while you aren’t yet used to the fact that you have now chosen to be part of a noble minority, you will get frustrated constantly. Being vegan isn’t always easy, so it is important to keep in mind why you have chosen the lifestyle. Whether your reason is environmental, economic, health conscious or a moral belief, you need to hold on to your ideas and stick to it when it gets hard.

  • Get creative & try new things

Luckily, veganism isn’t a new thing, so there are so many amazing resources around that have great recipe ideas and a good tips and tricks for this and that, so keep your passion alive by trying to reinvent all kinds of dishes. The best part about being vegan is that you will probably learn about a lot more kinds of food than your typical person, so don’t be afraid to try all of the food! Just like how there are alternatives around for milk, you can also find vegan cheeses, honey alternatives made of rice or syrup, and many other tasty temptations.

Embrace your choices and don’t make them a chore! Food is to be enjoyed, not a source of stress or boredom, so just find ways to mix it up and you will feel young and vital for many years to come.