Getting Ready for Your European Road Trip

One of the best vacations that you can take is a road trip. You get the opportunity to travel in your vehicle from place to place, making stops will you please, and spending as much time in any specific location as you desire.

A road trip allows you to connect with the road and observe the small but really interesting thing you see as you move along the highway. An European road trip is particularly special, because there are so many wonderful driving routes that you can take throughout Europe. A few of the great examples are:

The Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse – is a high alpine mountain pass that winds through the iconic Austrian Alps, weaving through Austria’s most impressive national park along the way. Reaching more than 2,500m altitudes, this 48 km stretch of land certainly isn’t one for the faint hearted but provides some of the world’s most must-see views.

Route 500 Germany – This is one of Germany’s oldest and most treasured roads and has fast become one of the most iconic motorcycle routes in the world. Along the way you can take a dip in the thermal springs of Baden, stop off at Hohenbaden castle, wind your way carefully around 100 curves and take in the fresh air in Freudenstadt at the Eastern edge of the Northern Black Forest

Spoleto to Norcia, Italy – Sample olives in Spoleto as you start on your journey and take in the idyllic hilltown before hitting the road towards Valnerina. Continue on through a postcard-perfect stone town before heading upland towards Norcia. Hop out of the car and get some fresh air in Norcia where you can visit a Benedictine monastery and cop an incredible view of the Sibillini mountains.

Route One Iceland – Iceland’s spectacular Route One road trip is always high up on any road trip bucket list. No European road trip collection would be complete without the striking sights Iceland has to offer, from geysers erupting boiling water metres up in the air, volcanoes and lava fields to the stunning Blue Lagoon, extraordinary waterfalls and even a chance to go whale-watching and catch the Northern Lights.

Preparing Your Auto for Your Road Trip

Road trips can be a wonderful way to see a new country, relieve stress, and experience amazing sites, and foods, along the route. In order to get the most out of your road trip, one thing that is very important if for you to make sure that your vehicle is in top running condition before your trip. You should have your vehicle service at a reputable car service station like Kwik Fit, and have them focus on these particular areas that are most likely to cause you problems.


Your vehicle’s tyres are the only contact that it has with the pavement. When tyres are not properly inflated, or have treads that are over worn, you can find yourself in a dangerous situation on the road.  Tyres are overinflated and give you too little contact with the road and increase your chance of getting into an accident. Under-inflated tyres are a main cause of Tire blowouts. You should check the air pressure of your tyres and make sure that they are in line with the manufacturer’s suggestions. Having ideal air pressure will keep you safer on the road. If your tire tread is Warren too low, you will find it more difficult to gain traction, particularly if roads are wet or icy. You should get your wheels balanced and aligned and replace any worn tyres with new ones before you go on your road trip. Finally make sure that you have a spare tire that is inflated and has adequate tread in case you need to replace one of your tyres.


The lightbulbs in and outside of your car are very important for your safety and the safe operation of your vehicle. You should replace any bulbs that are not operating in your vehicle. Internal bulbs let you illuminate any areas of the interior in your car so that you can locate anything you need there. Bulbs are also used in warning lights that will indicate to you when there’s a particular problem with your automobile.  Exterior bulbs might be located in the headlights, tail lights, or turn signals. All of these lights are very important depending on the situation. Any lights should be replaced before you go on your road trip.


Their number of very important fluids used to make your automobile run smoothly. These include everything from coolant to motor oil and can cause your engine problems or make it completely stop if they are not at their proper levels. You should get your automobile serviced and have them check all fluid levels before your road trip.

Getting your vehicle serviced at a reputable service center insures that you will have no vehicle issues to distract you from having a wonderful time during your road trip. #RoadtripsOfEurope