Get Help to Pay your Bills

Afraid to pay your bills? Get some help with them ... photo by CC user Jason Rogers on Flickr

There are many programs to help low income earners and families to get help for their basic necessities. If you cannot afford your basic living essentials, getting help is easier than you think. Beyond the ease of getting financial assistance from local charities, municipal, state and federal governments, there is assistance for almost any need. Find out how you can start receiving aid to help you achieve a better standard of living.

Below is a list provided by Low Income Financial help on how get financial help to free up cash flow to the family budget along with ways to get help with paying your bills.

Stack them Up

The first hurdle for anyone in a low income situation is simply moving beyond the initial hurdle of reaching out for help. Too often help is not received simply because it is not asked for or taken when offered.

The best part about reaching out for aid is that there are many programs that can be stacked on top of each other in multiple areas of need to relieve pressure not from one problem area but from all your crisis areas. You just need to know where to look and how to take advantage of all sources.

Local Programs

One of the easiest ways to start may be to look in your own backyard. Especially if there is a local non-profit or charitable organization that helps those in need. If you are a member of any organizations or religious centers these is a great first step. They can often help with one-off emergency situations or help funding for specific projects, like disability ramps, back to school supplies or one time medical expenses.

Food banks are served locally by certain organizations although others may be supported by the federal program. Other programs include food boxes or reduced food centers that provide groceries at a deep discount. Rent assistance can often be gotten through these local organizations as well. From getting first and last month’s rent if you are moving to help in emergencies situations or crisis housing.

State Aid

Each State in the US also provides certain aid programs through their departments that help in areas of financial need. Every state has a housing aid program that helps people find affordable housing and some states have housing subsidy programs. Many programs administered in your state are actual Federal aid programs distributed through state channels.

One of the best ways to reach out within your own state is to contact your local Community Action Agency. These community agencies help individuals find the support they need, through resources, counseling and direct aid.

Federal Aid

As you may realize the US government is one of the largest suppliers of aid in the country. The Federal government provides aid in many ways for almost any situation imaginable. From simply funding local or state programs to administering national programs such as Medicare or The Housing and Urban Development organization (HUD) that helps 1.5 million people with appropriate housing.

Federal aid programs touch upon every basic need including subsidized housing, job training programs, student grant and loan programs, rent help for low income families, energy bill assistance, low income health care, dental care clinics, child care subsidies, free or low cost food, and many other specific programs. Find the most popular, largest providing and widest eligibility federal aid.

No matter your personal situation, if you can take the pressure of multiple areas of your monthly budget through local, state or federal aid programs, you will be able to manage your finances and provide for yourself and family more effectively.